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Looking for Players – PvE
Hey guys,

Me and a friend recently joined the Alliance Side on Silvermoon and are looking for a Social Guild.

We both have experience with Normal & Heroic Raiding in the past, but are looking for a guild who is social & potential to raid in a semi-serious (but still dedicated) environment.

Due to work we both would only be able to play 8:30 server time onwards for on-going raids.

Just chat me up, looking forward hearing from you and talk more :)
Looking for the same so will be keeping tabs on this thread :)
Heya !

If you are both still looking, Jynx @Silvermoon, are currently 11 / 11 HC and are looking for a couple more dps to join our friendly roster of raiders.

we also offer social raids in normal (soon to be hc) for those that enjoy playing alts and just like raiding.

In addition to raiding we also run M+ and a few bg's here and there.

Current raid days are;

wed 20:30-22:30 St
Sun 20:00-23:00 St
Mon 20:30-22:30 St

our social normal run normally happens on;


20:30-22:30 ST

if you would like to know more information about us, please feel free to check out our forum post


or add me to real id on


Happy guild hunting!

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