[H Draenor] 2 friends looking for mythic guild

Looking for Players – PvE

Me and a friend of mine are looking for a mythic progression guild on the realm Draenor. We both have mythic progression expierence and we both have a mythic mindset. We also both come from Alliance and just switched to horde and we are looking for some people to raid and do mythic plus with.

First a little about me. I main a monk since the end of mist and know mistweaver and windwalker both really well. brewmaster is for me a bit of a offspec but can be played if i have to or to have some fun time with on some low level keys. because of the lack of time I had i could not fully commit to a hardcore guild. I did raid with Original and we progressed 6/9 mythic back in nighthold. I am looking to either heal or dps with a monk, dps on my lock, heal or dps on my druid or play elemental shaman where i progressed mythic nighthold with aswell.

Now a little about Xurkitree. He is a really experienced resto druid but can play all druid specs on a mythic level. He also plays warlock, monk and mage on a incredibly high level. He was mainly casual in legion thats why he misses some logs. He played with wintersheart on silvermoon for a while and has 8/9 mythic nighthold progression and on the day of the guldan kill he unfortunately was not there. He is looking to play a resto druid or a warlock in bfa but can play nearly every spec in the game as long as he does not have to tank.

If you have any questions or want to see logs feel free to send me or xurkitree a friend invite, my btag is : Banaanoorlog#2622 and his is: Jethryl#2660

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