[H] - 6/11M tank looking for regular heroic raid

Looking for Players – PvE

I came back to WoW in Novemer 2017 after being on a break since beginning of WoD.
I have 6/11M tanking experience in Antorus. My old guild is on a break until BfA, and I've decided to go horde for BfA.

Until BfA comes out I want to raid heroic and push m+.
I'm looking for a regular group to clear heroic Antorus weekly.

I can play five of the tank classes comfortably and I'm still learning the last one.

Please contact me if you need a tank in your group.

Battle tag - Tas#21838
Discord - Tas#9498
Hey there Tas,

The Dambusters (est 2009) might be a nice new home for you :) We are a large bunch of social minded people with two active raid teams. One team is raiding Mythic and the other one (that's the one I'm recruiting for) is raiding HC.

We raid three times a week: 2 progress runs (Wednesday and Sunday between 8-11 pm server time) and a fun run every Friday (same times) to have a laugh, a drink and just stomp bosses on normal. We use Discord to communicate while raiding, doing M+ and just having fun.

The HC team is in need of one more steady and dedicated tank because i just can't tank all of the bosses on my own ;) Let me know if your interested or if you got questions.

Battle.net: Wisnix#2282


Thank you for your interest, but I would like to stay horde.

Best regards,

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