[H] [Draenor EU] [LFG] 12 toons looking for a guild!

Looking for Players – PvE
[H] [Draenor EU] [LFG]

Hi, I'm looking for a guild for my 12 toons (one of each class!)..
I haven't been able to find a decent guild with active members since WoD..
I've been playing solo pretty much most of Legion and I'd like to change that!
I've mainly been Tanking in Legion but I also Melee DPS and I've been giving healing a go in Mythic+ (10 is my highest M+ so far!)
I'd really like to find a home for my 12 toons, somewhere friendly and active with a view to get into progression raiding.
I've also been getting into PvP lately too, so if any of the guild members do that too, I wouldn't mind joining in with that as well!
Thanks :)
Hey Bud!

Dunno how you feel about server transfers, I mean it is 12 characters after all but it sounds like our guild would be a great place for you :)

Diverse Depravity.
Dentarg/Tarren Mill
Raid days:
Wednesdays and Thursdays 20:00-23:00 server time

Diverse Depravity is a newly formed guild and we are currently searching for people to fill our raiding roster. We're currently looking for exceptional dps but our priority at the moments is healers. We have 11/11NM 3/11 HC and hope to bolster our roster so that we can continue HC pushing :)

We focus at the more social side of game like doing events together with our new and casual players and then we have a serious take on our raiding environment where our raiders can come together and enjoy progression pushing.

We are also trying to ensure that we have a stable raid core to push into BfA.

Our guild is free of toxicity and any behaviour of this type is swiftly dealt with.
We use discord for communication on a daily basis and we really want to form great social bonds between all members of our guild.

We like to run mythics, old meta achievs and do glory runs as well :p just for the lols and do a full normal clear on mondays.

If you are interested and you need anymore information and have any questions to ask please add one of our battle tags and chat!


Please check out our website at https://www.diverse-depravity.com/
You will be able to find everything you wany to know about us on here.

Thanks for Reading.
Kind Regards.
Mr Lobo.

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