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Hey, i've created a guild to do something similar to "Project60". Its on EU-Xavius, Alliance and as of right now I dont know how many people I will need to still keep it somewhat difficult (maybe 7-14 people?)

This is gonna be more of a fun project to play Classic content until Blizz has released Classic servers. It will be 1-2 raids per week and we will first begin with Molten Core.

All roles are currently open. Im maintanking and we need 2 healers (maybe 3), 3-5 dps and 1 offtank as of right now.

Rules are: No heirloom gear at 60 (i dont care how you level), no TBC or higher gear, no professions over 300, no enchants at TBC level or higher, no gems, no Inscription, no jewelcrafting, no Monks, no Shamans, no Death Knights, no Worgen, no Pandaren, no transmog. No class/race combos such as Gnome Priest or Human Hunter.
Flying is allowed, dualspec and talents are aswell.

This is gonna be more focused on keeping it classic with our gear and raiding.

Just whisper Dreadnaught in-game and hit us up.
Wrong forum. Also pointless. This might draw some interest in the beginning, but people soon notice this doesn't even come close to the old experience. These days you can 5-man Molten core with level 60 dungeon gear, without even breaking a sweat. Classes are so warped and changed from what they were in vanilla that it doesn't even feel like the same game anymore. This has been tried countless times before, all with great intentions, but these type of guilds never stay active for long.

Also generally speaking, most of these "rules", as you describe them, don't help to get the vanilla experience back but end up feeling very restrictive. Most of the time 50% of the guild chat will consist of "can I do/use x or y? and why?". I've been in a few of these guilds myself and it started to drag after a while. The game encourages you to use all that stuff that was added later on, and most of it even is usable before lvl 60.
Reported, to move forum
Yea I'm aware of this. Which is why I said this is going to be more of a fun project.
What forum should I post in? I wasn't sure. I've been posting in LF PVE players also before.

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