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Returning Mythic Player Looking for raiding guild

Hi, ive recently returning after having a 8month break just to IRL commitments.

Before i left i was raiding hc/mythic progression in EM,TOV,NH,TOS

Previous EXP

EM - 7/7 myhic ( with cutting edge achieve)
TOV - Curve
NH - Curve - 8/10 mythic
TOS - 9/9 nrm - 4/10 hc

I'm looking to get back into raiding again before BFA however not expecting mythic progression.

The current Toons i have :

910 Balance/Guardian Druid -

900 Afflication Warlock -

905 Fury/arms Warrior -

i can play any class/role as i have experience tanking and Healing- i also have a 110 boost available not not shy to reroll competly however only the right guild will persuade me.

I'm looking for a active guild, friendly and down to earth group of guys/girls to raid with, i have been a raid leader/guild admin in some big guilds some im not shy to discord/ts however im not looking to raid 5 nights a week like i was previous.

I live in the UK so im looking for raid times after 20:00 preferable as i work 9-5.

i dont mind raiding weekends as that actually suits me slightly better.

Feel free to reply on here, however dont just post a link to an application page , by nice to talk 1-1 if thats okay.

Or messege me ingame Prinza#2866

Hiya, I’m the GM of <Circadian Rhythm>, we are a new guild on Tarren Mill (horde) created by a group of friends to achieve a fun raiding environment. Our core members and myself have high-end mythic raiding experience (world rank 300ish), both in the most recent tiers and going all the way back to vanilla. We’re a very social and fun guild, running regular alt raids, mythic+ daily and other activities outside of WoW.
We are currently just clearing heroic each week and normals on mains and alts, building a roster for some Mythic raiding preparing for Mythic progression in BFA.
We raid 8.00pm-11.00pm (server time), Weds, Thurs and Sun.

It sounds like you might be a great fit for us as a returning player with higher-end experience in mythic raiding :) you can contact me on Zanez#2224 for a chat or for any questions you might have
Hi there!

AP is back in action after a long WoD/Legion hiatus. We are seeking the core to form the backbone of our BfA Mythic push. Raiding 2 nights only, while upholding great progress. I think we can offer you more than a simple raid position, we can offer you a home!

Most of the guild are 30+ so the environment is mature and fun.

This is our recruitment post:

Feel free to poke me on Waldon#2856

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