New graphic engine for WoW. Now.

Warframe is the best Mmo.
I agree! In fact I agree so much I'm going to allow you to buy me a top notch gaming rig so I can see WoW on all its ultra setting glory. In fact.. NEW TOP NOTCH PC'S FOR EVERYONE!!

OP AND LIKE MINDED GENEROUS PEOPLE (ie, idiots who think they are special because they have a top end rig) ARE PAYING!

Pm me your details so I can send you a shipping destination thank you.

Meanwhile. Back in the real world. Blizzard continue their business model that has generated for them millions of dollars.
17/09/2018 18:16Posted by Личерро
Uldum created in Lumion 8

It's not WoW though. Why do you think OW isn't using realistic graphics: it was a design choice.

Is it that hard of a concept to understand for people.

17/09/2018 23:27Posted by Beefcäke
I just wish it didn't feel so sluggish. The Inputs mostly.

That's an on going server issue. It was really annoying me tonight.

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