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Looking for Players – PvE
I'm an experienced player from England. I'm 32 and have good flexibility for PVE events.

My main spec is Holy and currently have 958 gear, with 9/11 HC clearance.

I am a friendly person and I'm looking for likewise players as well as a successful guild with goals. I have a good PC spec and fast internet.

I also have many interests outside of Wow.
Hey Silverdrago,

The Dambusters (est 2009) is a great social minded guild with 2 raidteams. For the Stonewrought team (progress 9/11 HC) we're still in need of a few classes / specs to fill our roster. We aim to start mythic as soon as possible and prepare a solid core team for the BFA expansion.

Raid days: progress runs wednesday and sunday from 8-11 pm server time and we do a fun run every friday (8-11 pm) having a laugh and rushing through normal Antorus.

We are looking for just one more healer to join our team. Let me know if your interested or have any questions.

You can add me on (Wisnix#2282) or we can have a chat on Discord.

elo if HC is enough for you you might have a look at
br jay

Joining a good guild this late into the expansion cycle tends to be a pain in the @$$ due to inactivity. Whilst it's not impossible, a large number of players are in hibernation till the next expansion.

As such I'm still lurking on the forums to see whether we can offer a home for those lost souls out in the solo ether. We're a multi-gaming community that is a collection of older folks (average age is 28), however we're currently looking at Bless to keep ourselves interested until BFA.

Once BFA rolls around we'll be doing our usual M+ and Heroic raiding.

You can find more information at our recruitment post at:

If you're interested please join our discord channel and we can have a chat.
Good luck on your search and have an awesome day.

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