[H] Distraction is back!! Heroic Raiding at its finest!

Looking for Players – PvE
A Distraction is the process of diverting the attention of an individual or group from a desired area of focus and thereby blocking or diminishing the reception of desired information.. E.g Who needs IRL when you have WOW? Am i right?

Welcome to another guild recruitment post, i know how it feels, ive been there.. Long messages, filled with hope, desire, excitement and a sprinkling of being desperate. But hey.. You have to give us all a chance.. WE NEED TO TRY AND IMPRESS YOU!!!

Pull up a seat for 2 minutes and just hear me out, i promise it will be worth your while.

So who are we? and what makes us different?

Distraction - Boulderfist EU is a World of Warcraft casual, social, friendly, hope filled, enthustiastic.. okay ill stop *cough*.. raiding guild with a history that spans across the last SIX years of expansions, Fighting the mighty legion, Chasing down Garosh in Warlords of Draenor, Dealing with the Panda Banter in Mists of pandaria and even spilling into late Cataclysm joining the fight against the might of Deathwing. It was first built under the name of SFG, gracing realms such as Runetotem, Twisting Nether, Bladefist and Tarren mill before recently landing on the lands of Boulderfist, After a few dodgy name choices (Geek Squad cough) we adopted our new name and made a home.

In all honesty on the outside we are just another raiding guild trying to reach the highest points that each raid allows us to get to. We want to down bosses.. We want to see the end game and we want to have fun doing it, but it is on the inside that in our opinion makes us slightly different. Having players that have been around since early vanilla with experience in not only raiding but all walks of wow life and mixing that up with fairly new raiders, hungry and skilled, gives us the perfect foundation to create something exceptional. With that and the experience we as a guild and myself (GM) have gained we now have a very clear mind-set on what we want to achieve in this game. We no longer will be chasing mythic content at the expense of the community, Our main aim now is building a community that anyone would want to be a part of, yes we want to raid and we will, but it should be enjoyable not taxing, it should be something you look forward to, not something you feel you have to do. Any memories that i (GM) treasure in this game have sprung from the people around me and how it felt working together or just enjoying that moment together. People may forget what you said, in some cases they will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made the feel. We intend to double down on the positive memories and see where that takes us! ... oh and uh, lets also not forget the British sarcasm and Scandinavian Heart that we posses. (Insert LOL here)

So here is the TLDR:

Raid: We started on the 30th of April, Current progress: 11/11 Normal Antorus and 6/11 Heroic. (As of the 02/05/2018)
Experience needed: We would like it if you had atleast normal antorus experience but honestly we are willing to help anyone of all levels just as long as it does not impact the whole team!
Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday
Raid Type: Heroic only every expansion!
Raid time: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST
Raid Leader: Crafty - (4/11 Mythic Antorus Experience, heroic argus killed over 20 times)
Recruitment: Recruiting all classes and specs at the moment.
Application form: http://www.guilded.gg/#!AdgRG9BJzE
Do you want socials? More than anything!! Hit up the app and join us!
Important Contacts:
Craftyz#2107 - GM
Therion#1510 - Officer
Guild Website: https://www.guilded.gg/Distraction/games/WorldOfWarcraft/overview
Hi Crafty! Guild Athazagora-Blackmoore is with you!
19/04/2018 18:37Posted by Ankmar
Hi Crafty! Guild Athazagora-Blackmoore is with you!

We shall make dreams happen!
Website and Application form links have been updated, aswell as open raid events up for those who like that.

First raid starts this Sunday.. If you are looking for a heroic only home.. apply to us and let's build something together!!
Looking for ranged dps! Hit up our application form!!
First raid went smooth. Wednesday the real fun begins. Still looking for dps and healers to add to our roster. Min ilvl 930. Follow the details above if your interested.
Full clear of normal this evening for gear.
6/11 Heroic so far! Come join us!

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