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Battle for Azeroth Beta General Discussion
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Hey hey!

The Battle for Azeroth Beta is now officially underway!

For those of you who tested the Alpha with us, you can expect a clean slate with regard to characters.

For those of you just joining us, thank you for testing! Please have a look at our various subforums for Beta discussion:

  • BFA Beta General Discussion (this one)
  • BFA Beta Zones and Leveling
  • BFA Beta Dungeons, Island Expeditions, and Raids
  • BFA Beta Items and Classes
  • BFA Beta Warmode and PvP

  • We greatly appreciate you posting on-topic in each of these forums.
    Thanks for the invitation
    Dido on the thank you , look forward to assisting where possible.
    Thanks for invitation :)
    I got invitation but there is nothing to switch on beta battle for azeroth above play button as it is said in mail.
    Happend the same when i got invitation for alpha test and noone answered me on that one.
    Still waiting Live character import guess very soon?
    Thank you for invite :)
    Thank you for the invitation
    thanks for the invite!
    Veteran player here! Still waiting for my first Beta invite ever!
    *fingers crossed*
    Thanks for the invitation! This is gonna be awesome!
    Thank you for the invite to the beta of the new expansion appreciated greatly
    Thanks for the inv blizz!!!
    Thank you for the invite to the beta of the new expansion appreciated.
    Typical... I get an invite and my broadband is down... Thanks virgin media...
    Yay! You've made my Monday infinitely better, thank you Blizzard!
    Now to pull a sickie, go home, and jam.
    Thx for the inv!
    Thanks for the invite, can't wait to get started

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