9/11m brewmaster LF english speaking guild

Looking for Players – PvE
as title says 9/11 mythic xped brewmaster looking for a guild with similar xp. i can raid 3-4 days a week from 6 p.m. - late server time, any day except friday saturday. I'm 976 equiped dedicated raider. LF any server , horde/ally (english only though) - I just want a steady guild to get cutting edge and maybe even do some m+ ^^.
logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/27977431
there is no vari kill cause i was doing it on my DH instead, making fight easier for healers. In general my % are not high casue as tank i didn't really care about dmg and lately my guild was strugling so i just was playing spec that made sure we could kill bosses as well as tanking on my DH to get some gear.
feel free to contact me on Funtic#2866
Hey mate, not sure you interested in a realm transfer, but we are looking for a new MT on silvermoon. we are currently 6/11 but we dont intend to be for long,.

we raid wed/thur/mon 19:45>23:00 st

Come join us we are looking for dedicated people like yourself.

apply @ http://geometry.shivtr.com

for more info we can have a chat

patch xx
Hey there!
{H}<Outdated> on Twisting Nether is recruiting!
We're currently 8/11M looking for 1 tank and 2RDPS to continue our progress.
Feel free to contact me via battle.net for more info. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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