World Quests-Fun or not?

I was just wondering how other people feel about wqs. Personally I thought they were ok at the start of the expansion, but now I am really burned out on them and am not really looking forward to them in bfa. What do you guys think?
I still like them.
I'd take them anytime compared to old daily quests.
I'm fine with them.
But, only dislike WQ in dungerons. Reason if tank want skip it.
I wouldn't call them fun excactly, it's just something to do, to get some AP and stuff. I think I prefer WQ's over the dailies we had before. And it's nice to get some gear on an alt sometimes.
Still better than dailies
I can't say they are fun, but they are there for those who need/want them.
I would like them much more if they actually had some meaning in the expansion.

Dailies had story progression that made them interesting to do. World quests however have nothing, just annoying talking heads that make lame jokes.

If I had a choice I would rather have real story progressing dailies back or at least make world quests matter beyond the rewards they give.
I am not a fan of WQ but if i have to chose between WQ and Daily Q i take WQ every day of the week, month, year, decade and century.
I think they’re great

Quick, efficient and loads to choose from
06/04/2018 19:51Posted by Garomir
I was just wondering how other people feel about wqs.

Players that dislike WQs are those that don't know how to make doing them less tedious.

Me personally, I love them, EZ money.
Gets old pretty fast, this only works for diablo fans.
after all that's where they took the idea from(Bounties)
Many rares and elites need to be stronger and really should have a bigger health pool so fights take longer and require a little more skill.

As they're now they're just very easy to do and way to short which makes it boring fast while it doesn't have to be that way.
I actually like them, expecially the Kirin Tor ones that are a bit different than the usual WoW quest.
Its the same thing. The only difference is you can see them immediately and don't need to visit NPC.

What I don't like about them is their expiration time. Some quests last only 6 hours, so if can't login within those 6 hours player misses that quest. They should be available for 24 hours like daily quests used to be.

06/04/2018 21:21Posted by Bloedelf
Many rares and elites need to be stronger and really should have a bigger health pool so fights take longer and require a little more skill

That's because everyone outgears them. Try doing them on freshly leveled alt that isn't a tank.
MoP daily quests were more enjoyable to me, but literally what's the difference?
I've done each world quest like 100 times. (ok maybe not 100 but a lot) They're always the same ones.
When I see my 'do 4 quests in X zone' I already know exactly what 4 quests I will be doing.

I will be interested to see how they motivate world quests without RNG mounts and RNG legendary items. 2 things people have complained about a lot.
The only wq's I don't like are the grab 15 x + kill 10 y + kill 5 of z.
They take a lot longer than the simple 1-set wq's and are a nightmare as soon as 1 other person is doing the same thing.
Instead I feel the fill-the-bar wq's are a better alternative to those.

Good wq's:
kill rare
kill 10 x, and only that
quick vehicle (bombard 100 nightborne ^^ )
kirin-tor <3 something completely different than the standard.
I actually enjoy them, compared to the old dailies system which I hated.
I enjoyed them when they were new to me, and I still prefer them to the old daily quests. They are just beefed up daily quests, so the novelty has worn off somewhat quickly, but there's more variety and I can pick what I want to do.

After getting my reputations to exalted, I only do WQs that give order resources (when I need them) or recipes, unless they are for the emissary quest. I also do the WQs with rares on Argus.

Now, if I played alts, I'd be burnt out on WQs.
they are much better than old dailies.

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