[H] Twisting Nether Guild Recuiting

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi, thanks for reading. We are Eternal chaos and recruitment is open for BFA.
We are inviting people in now to come a get to know people and get a feel for the guild before the xpat comes.

A bit about us
We span back many years, from sporeggar where we, the founders met then we moved to sunstrider where we spent 2 years then in 2013 we moved here and built up this guild. Our aim to socialise and offer the chance for people to raid or do mythic +'s with members of their own community.

We are open to casual members joining us, you don’t have to want to raid as we have many players that enjoy being in the guild knowing people will be on 24/7 and help is on hand. Currently we sit at 265 unique members.
The core members ages are 28-48 most of us from UK. With many members from around Europe and further.

We got as far as 2/11 mythic before several players either had to have a break or spring/summer work took over. A Few births, marriages and exams and it gets tough to continue.

Plans now for the end of this expansion
So, we have decided to continue putting raids up however we need some flexibility in them if we get a full geared mythic group we will do mythic IF not then we will do Raid achievements for mounts (mostly on normal). Also, if we have a strong group we may decide to do a HC. At his time in the expansion it’s about being flexible and recognising that a full raid team might not form each week however we can still do stuff that’s rewarding, positive and fun.
Raid days are MON, WED 8pm-11pm. We do run a Friday Raid, though at this point is also flexible and semi-regular.

If you would like to talk to us about joining here are some of our btag's or if you would like an invite just /who and ask anyone in guild they can invite you.
Cowanbob #2522 (GM), Kirstycowan #2397 Bobcat#2345.
Your welcome:)

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