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# STACKED is a guild that was founded by a group of players that wanted more serious and structured raiding that we weren't able to find in other guilds. We are a group of players that are heavily progress-oriented and as a group we have been able to push our raiding progression quite far. However since the next step of progress is mythic we need to expand our guild.

# The only requirement we have is that you try your best. Trust us when we say that we know the feeling of wiping on a boss 21 times because you have some people that are just not willing to offer any amount of focus or effort, which is something we are very much hoping to avoid in this guild.

# So that's about it. We encourage you to find the class and spec that you're comfortable because as long as you are enjoying what you are doing and trying your best then we cannot complain.

# You will find that most players here are quite laid-back and are willing to help so please don't hesitate to ask about anything. However please do be mindful of others while you are here and please be respectful where required.
Hey there,

I am interested in knowing more about your raiding plans.

just pm me when you see me online.


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