TCG Selling thread continued! 3.0

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WTT my [Big Battle Bear]+10m+ 1m(your transfer) against your [Feldrake]
I have gold on Silvermoon

Wooly White Rhino

I prefer gold on Outland, but accept all servers!

Bnet: Halioz#2583
Hello everyone, one question, whats the actual value of Magic Rooster Egg ?
WTB Dark Portal gold only

add me Skisly#2699
WTB Blue Spectral Tiger 10M, can transfer for it :)

add me Emilstrom#2307
Im looking to buy 25k$ for 10k$ hmu.

Will not transfer for it.
wtb blue murloc have non bmah tcg mounts frozen runes gold, will use a middleman if you don't want to go first, any overpriced offer will be permanently turned down

now with a token at 200k gold instead of 350k it's the moment to do such trade

real life name requests will be refused
Big Battle Bear

i want 5M gold

Realm: Draenor (Horde)
Contact: Bensinlukt#2190
WTB Spectral tiger or swift add my btag to discuss about the price.

Btag: Fjerten1#2282
WTS Magic Rooster Egg - Silvermoon Alliance. 18m

Can negotiate other realms price.

Konah#2520 - Btag
Konahh#2889 - Discord

Big Battle Bear - 4.5m
Savage Raptor - 4m

Realm: Argent Dawn - Alliance

BTag: Nikoren#2530
07/08/2018 19:53Posted by Nilsdouglas

Mottled Drake
Wooly White Rhino

Trading for other TCG mounts or gold on any server (Horde side)
Cheaper if you have the gold on Earthen Ring / Darkmoon Fair!

BattleTag: TomJensen#1612

Still for sale!
I noticed currently there's relatively a lot of tcg mounts in AH on at least an EU realm, 12 out of 16.

Anyone knows how much the ones that aren't in AH cause they're typically sold at more than cap, as in feldrake, rooster, normal tiger, and swift tiger go for at the moment?

BTAG: lewia#2120
WTS X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME

Btag: flavia#2476
Ciyn#2226 or Ciyn#3783 on discord.

Offering middleman service for any sort of trades, usualy the fee i charge is 5-10% of the value of the item to be MMed. this changes depending on the item ofc. (404 cuz blizz removed it due to new policy regarding no services allowed to be sold on the forum ) Got pictures of the thread, and my name speaks for itself.

Currently looking to buy:

Pretty much any unavaible item.
Collectors Edition Wotlk
Blue Murloc Egg
Tyrael's Hilt
Murkalot (Murkalot's Flail)
Gryphon Hatchling
Wind Rider Cub

Carved Ogre idol
Perpetual Purple Firework
Murloc costume

Any TCG mounts for the right price.
WTS TCG MOUNT Swift Shorestrider 6M

11/08/2018 23:46Posted by Plexity

X-51 Nether Rocket - 10m +/-
Corrupted Hippogryph - 13m +/-

Accepting payments on all realm horde, open for trading for other TCG mounts aswell.

Mounts are located on Twisting Nether Horde. With Made By Tags
Btag: Furgie#2936

Corrupted Hippogryph is SOLD!

X-51 Nether Rocket (Blue/Rare) still for sale. 1x on Tarren Mill and 1x on Twisting Nether.

Mottled Drake
Ghastly Charger
X-51 Nether-Rocket (blue / rare)

All 3 mounts are located on Kazzak Horde.

LF offers
Mainly looking for a Swift Spectral Tiger.

Btag: Teldrius#2867
Discord: Teldrius#5134
Wtb Tyrael's Hilt. Alonsus bt Sorrow

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