Things removed in BfA?

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I have been away from the game for I dunno how long.
Maybe a year or longer. Currently have that 7 day gametime active.

I heard some stuff like f.e. several cosmetic appearances in legion are being removed in BfA.
If I may return in BfA it would be a bit of a bummer if I could never get f.e. some cosmetic appearances that I want from legion, due to them being removed in BfA.

Are all the tier/released sets staying?
As in, can you stll farm them in BfA?

Could someone help me out a bit and share which things are getting removed?
Or steer me in the right direction where to get a good overview of this?

Thanks in advance.
What comes to mind that is going to be removed is the mage tower and m+15 skins for your artifacts;

Not sure of how the tier items will be handled, but I would assume they stay even though the tier sets are not a thing in BfA.
Yes, Ashon is right that those are the two main things that will be removed. One lesser one is the title "The Chosen" from an achievement in Trial of Valor.

Tier items from Legion will of course still drop next expansion.
Hello Yassle,

You may want to check this Wowhead article. It covers the area pretty well including the subjects mentioned above. Hope that your 7 days will be enough to deal with at least part of it.

Good luck!
Thanks for the info.

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