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Hi all,

A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Temple of Sethraliss - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like:

  • The overall flow of the dungeon
  • Visuals, including creatures and environment
  • Boss encounters and their mechanics
  • Overall difficulty
  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon

  • The overall flow of the dungeon
  • Smooth dungeon, clear which way to go, good pacing.

  • Visuals, including creatures and environment
  • Looked great, the whole thing, wouldn't change it.

  • Boss encounters and their mechanics
  • Adderis/Aspix - as we went in without having read the journal none of us knew what to expect, what we certainly didn't expect was one of our members getting 1-shot on normal, we didn't even see what caused it, however we assumed it was Static Shock (Inflicts Nature damage equal to 4,442% of the victim's maximum health). Hold on, 4,442%?, is that meant to be an insta-kill, if so can the journal be updated to say kills or similar?
    Merektha - Pretty straight forward, although we only saw Noxious breath be used once, which meant we could avoid it the rest of the fight, also the snake hatchlings died really fast during burrow phases making the rest of the phase rather dull, I'd like to see the damage from being hit by burrow increased or have a more lasting effect
    Galvazzt - Seemed alright, first time there weren't many cores but second run there were several cores including multiple at once, pretty good.
    Avatar of Sethraliss - Very dull, killed 2 pieces of trash by the time the boss was fully healed, perhaps give it more health, or at least don't allow paladins to LoH the boss?

  • Overall difficulty
  • A bit on the easy side, trash seemed tuned okay, perhaps the first couple packs in the instance could be a bit tougher/larger. Bosses seemed lowly tuned so again, tuning up would be nice to see.

  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
  • On the second ball maze section (dodging the glowy orbs), I got knocked into one of the crystals and fell through the world before disconnecting, reconnecting then put me back to Galvazzt's location (in game report was submitted).

  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon
  • Seems to have the makings of a good dungeon, a little bit on the easy side perhaps but looking forward to seeing hc/Mythic
    Difficulty tested on: Normal, Heroic, Mythic

    Trash leading to 1st boss:
    Not too much to say on this one, knockback is rather annoying and not having someone that can dispell poison is probably very annoying too, but thats about it.

    Adders and Aspix
    Gale Force was bugged and didn't do anything, Arcing Blade didn't even happen.
    Most dangerous ability for us was the Arc Dash as it would double-dip if he dashed through you twice, seemed like a cool boss otherwise.

    Trash from 1st to 2nd boss
    I think the dust cloud needs some kind of change. Currently you have ranged-mobs standing in it that you can't get out. Your knockbacks will miss, there's barely anything to line of sight with and you obviously can't damage it. It would be fine if knockbacks worked so there's some more immediate counterplay to it.

    Rather boring boss. If you stand in the boss's hitbox when he submerges you get hit by him like 3times and can insta die, apart from that some animations didn't look fluent yet, but the scaling was fine.

    Trash from 2nd to 3rd boss:
    Don't think we played this one properly, not sure which spells to interrupt/stun on, so we sometimes took quite a bit of damage, but it seems like there is enough counterplay against this if you know how it works.

    Starting on mythic this becomes a very big dps check. Pillars ramp up really quickly and our strat was that we just stopped soaking entirely at some point as the damage we take from pillars would just be higher than the stacking aoe.
    I think the pillar-spawn is meant to slow down again after he reached 100 energy and did his cast, but you still have to deal with the already spawned pillars from before.
    A change I would like to see is have all currently active pillars despawn whenever he finishes his 100energy cast, basically resetting the phase but with a 30% damage increase.

    Trash from 3rd to 4th Boss:
    Cool little event that can also feel very rewarding in m+ if you somehow manage to do both sides simultaneously. Trash right before last boss seemed fine too, we had one bug though where we killed the 4 enemies on the last boss's platform but one of the beams wouldn't go to the boss, which then meant we couldn't talk to the boss to start the encounter.

    Avatar of Sethraliss:
    I'm not quite sure what I want to hink about this boss. I personally never really liked healer bosses so my opinion may be different to others here. dps players still have some contribution to the fight as they can interrupt some healing reduces on the boss, but overall its mostly on the healer to push it asap. It would be cool if you could proc cenarion ward on it somehow, but it doesn't take any damage at any point unfortunately. Maybe it would feel better if instead of enemies doing a heal reduce, they'd attack the boss every now and then.
    eye ball event just before last boss bugs very often leading to no access (eye ball disappearing after throw) or cannot be place into the socket (error message : eye of "name" needed)
    Avatar of Sethraliss: The Mobs spawned by the Boss do not spawn on the Plattform but bellow it making it impossible to slay some Mobs as they evade. It's pure luck if the Bossfight completes after some time or not.
    Done this instance 3 times, All 3 the Eye of Sethraliss thing bugged out and we couldn't progress.

    Very annoying to happen when your waiting in dps que for 40 mins.
    Tested: Normal/Heroic/Mythic as Pandaren MW/BM, more than 30 run's overall.

    Overall: Very nice and fast dungeon where everyone has their place.

    Trash: powerful, people need to dodge spells and not stand in one spot like reboth which make's it interactive.

    First boss: Nice paced fight, with abilities that hurt a lot if you do not pay attention. Nice visuals and a pleasing victory on kill.

    Second boss: Overall boring fight, the only well designed spell is the blinding sand. The fight feels dead when he submerges and after the first one he quickly does the second submerge and all you do is watch like a "fat panda". Overall the boss looks nice the fight feels boring.

    Third boss: Well designed, the visuals looks nice except the fact that you should have a second look on the lightning coming from the pillars. They are very tiny and don't look so great. They should sparkle more and make them bigger. Making the boss harder like adding some AOE on half of the room and players need to move as well the tank and the boss is adding to the intensity of the fight. Boss should be at least be able to cast his AOE spell one time. In this conditions right now players can prevent it to get even 1 energy even in mythic so at higher gear this becomes boring.

    Forth boss: As a healer i love this boss, is very challenging. From the eye event to the last heal is a pleasing encounter all the way. The visual's are poor maybe add some spell effects on the mobs which are channeling on boss. Overall best fight to have as healer from all the encounter i had so far in BFA.
    Temple of Sethraliss last boss bug;
    1. Clear area near the Avatar of Sethraliss.
    2. Avatar of Sethraliss begins its monologue.
    3. Right click on the avatar, dialogue window opens.
    4. Click 'We will restore you'.
    5. Question displays > Accept.
    What happened:
    1. Avatar of Sethraliss repeats its monologue.
    2. There was no fight, Avatar of Sethraliss healed itself.
    3. Boss is counted as done.
    Adderis and Aspix:
    I've seen Adderis dash into the wall when using Arc Dash, which made him get stuck here and the encounter reset

    Orb tossing part:
    Tends to bug out a lot.
    The orb can fall through the ground when tossing it forward, and it never respawns afterwards.
    Or one can mistakingly throw the orb on one of the cloths hanging from the ceiling, which will make the orb disappear forever.
    Or the orb guardian can snatch the orb. When that happens, the guardian ignores the pillars and just runs through them. When the guardian dies form DoT damage inside the pillar, it's not possible to pick up the orb anymore.

    Hexer trash before the Avatar of Sethraliss:
    They are uninterruptable, and it doesn't seem like there's a way to destroy their grounding totems.

    Avatar of Sethraliss:
    A sanguine pool spawns from one of the adds, unsure which one it is.
    The tooltips for the Taint of the Hexers says that it reduces healing done to the boss by 50%, but in reality it's 100%.
    The energy fragments spawned before all the Hexers are dead seems like a noob bait, where people who don't know what it does will click on it and it will do nothing.

    Elemental trash before Galvazzt:
    With the sanguine affix, each of them drops 5 pools at once when dying. Considering they are really hard to move, this doesn't make it very fun

    Instance is not completable. There are extra mob counters which can't be completed.

    My personal feedback:
    I don't like this dungeon.
    The second boss is not fun, you spend half of the time waiting for it to come out of the burrow.
    It seems like pushing high keys will require having specific set ups, thanks to
    1) Lots of magic buffs that are spellstealable and give a huuuge dps burst
    2) Poison debuffs - some healers can't dispel those
    3) Off healers - the last boss is tuned way too tight for the healers, healing up both the players and the boss is pretty hard
    4) It's pretty hard to position most of the mobs in the instance. There's way too many archers/mobs that stand still/mobs that run away. Most of the trash fights, i seem to try to out range the mobs so the can finally start moving towards me. DK tank might be a must for this again.

    Also, Skystep pots will be pretty much required for the part where you're 90% slowed after the 3rd boss.

    The orb tossing event design is kind of weird. All the mobs keep respawning, so it seems like the tank is supposed to pick them all up and go away with them. But it's impossible to pick up and kill the Orb guardians pre-emptively, as they just evade until someone picks up the orb.
    Eye is bugged cannot click it or progress GG blizzard 40 min wait for nothing
    Just had a problem while running this dungeon on heroic. We cleared up until we had to gather the Eyes of Sethrallis so we could open the door. One of the guardians took the left eye and ran of with it and ... disappeared. We looked everywhere, but the eye was nowhere to be found. Only thing we could do was leave.
    just had the same eye bug, very frustrating.

    The orb was spawned inside the wall and theres invisible wall so it is not possible to claim it. Even the orb guardians dont seem to respond to the orb.

    Left us to not be able to complete the mythic version of the dungeon.
    The eye room before last boss is still bugged. Two resets in a row that I had to abandon the dungeon and re-run it just because it's impossible to reach the last boss when the orb is bugged.

    Most of the time is falls through the ground (you can see orb glow) under the corpse of the orb guardian..

    Btw, this was already reported in April on US and EU feedback forum for this dungeon.

    Why is this still in the live game?

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