5/11 Mythic Holy paladin LF new home!

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello all

Due to my old guild disbanding am now a free agent!

Am currently 5/11( half a dozen or so pulls on Imonar ) mythic experienced holy paladin/healer 965/970 geared and willing to raid beyond Legion and into BFA!

Am 27 and from the UK.

Am looking for a mature guild 21+y/o,active in and outside of raids,social, and needing a healer in a "core" spot and v active in Mythic Antorus with 5/11 or better progess.

Am willing to change realms ( med to high pop. no lows ) and we can discuss a faction change if things seem to work out. Also am pretty much a healer only player and have got some basic gear for reti/prot but not willing in legion to change specs.

I can raid atleast 3 times a week and pref a 3 day week raid. Am active most days in the evenings so no problem with raiding times.

my most up to date logs. Had a lull in last 2 weeks due to no guild but i want to return and be super active again!


post below or add me on bnet @Unky#21809

Thanks! :3

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