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hi all bol'vok here.
in short :
i am looking for a guild that raids two or three days on Fridays,Saturdays and/or Sundays from 20:00 to 23:00 -00:00 realm time on a realm that has a population of at least medium. i am looking for a guild that is progressing mythic or have fully cleared heroic and are making a team to do mythic.

in long:
my previous raiding guild has moved to the alliance so i am now looking for a new raiding guild to join and raid with in mythic raiding.
i have gotten up to 5/11 mythic on antorus with my guild before them moved realm then allegiance. my item level is 966 with four set in single target gear ,967 with four set in aoe gear and 968 my highest gear with 2 set.

i am looking for a mythic raiding guild (proffer with progress in mythic antorus of 3/11 or higher. but may make exceptions for a guild that has fully cleared heroic and looking to build a team for mythic.) that is social on discord and are raiding for fun not focusing on getting realm first ,completing the raid in mythic as soon as possible or want people to instantly learn a fight on first try without time to learn the fight.

i want to join a guild that is on a realm with the population of medium or high so that it would be less likely to move to another realm . i would proffer a guild on dranor so i don't have to transfer all my charterers over, again.

i am looking for a friendly (and mature like 18+ sort of thing.) guild that raids two or three days on Fridays,Saturdays and/or Sundays from 20:00 to 23:00 -00:00 realm time since my work times are mornings and are not set days also i am busy on the nights of weekdays to be able to raid weeknights. (man this is like writing a CV for world of Warcraft or a essay.)

i am quite friendly and joking on discord but if there is no one i can talk to about anything i am usually quiet when by myself on discord. my old guild found me enjoyable to play with and i think most miss me since i don't want to move to alliance.

i think that is all i got to say , contact me on this form and will look here for anyone interested in me. or whisper me in game as well i am pretty much the only person called bolvok.

(this is the only time i ever posted on the forums. )
just adding that i am looking for a guild on a English server.

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