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hey everyone

I'm semi looking for a new guild. I recently had a falling out with some people in my current guild and I'm starting to feel like I don't really belong there. I hope I can work things out before it gets to the point where I really have to leave, but just in case I'd like to start looking around.

I'm a 960-ish dps with curve (only missing the aggramar kill on HC but I do know tactics etc.) and I also like to do mythic+ dungeons. What I'm looking for is basically a friendly environment, with a dedicated raid team. Preferably one already doing mythic antorus, or just starting it.

Leave me your battlenet and I'll contact you through that if you're interested (I'm not posting my battlenet/main character here, just in case I can still patch things up in my current guild)

p.s. I absolutely hate drama, which is why I'm considering leaving this current guild. So if you can guarantee a no-drama environment I'd be so happy
Hello mate, human, wow player, closet geek, lover of goblins and a very good day to you!

(Disclaimer! If you are not one of the above, this message may seem automated, fear not my in game goblin hands wrote this message personally...i promise.

I also hate drama.. community over everything. That is the aim.

TLDR of Distraction

We are a casual raiding horde guild on Boudlerfist, Currently re-forming after a long break. Most of the leaders carried on raiding into mythic content with other guilds which puts us in good stead for the end of this xpac and going into next.

Our aim is to be a heroic only raid guild, clearing content at a competitive rate and moving onto glory raid chieves when we have it on farm. But honestly the main aim is to build a community worth bragging about. A home away from home as it were!

Raid: We are coming back from a long break, so as soon as we have a stable team we will be farming heroic antorus. Aim is to start the week of the 30th of April.
Experience needed: We would like it if you had at least normal antorus experience but honestly we are willing to help anyone of all levels just as long as it does not impact the whole team!
Age: We're a mature guild, meaning we mainly recruit people age 18+.
Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday
Raid Type: Heroic only every expansion!
Raid time: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST
Raid Leader: Crafty - (4/11 Mythic Antorus Experience, heroic argus killed over 20 times)
Recruitment: Recruiting all classes and specs at the moment.
Application form: http://www.guilded.gg/#!AdgRG9BJzE
Do you want socials? More than anything!! Hit up the app and join us!
Important Contacts:
Craftyz#2107 - GM
Therion#1510 - Officer
Guild Website: https://www.guilded.gg/Distraction/games/WorldOfWarcraft/overview

Have a look at our forum post! https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618213969#1
Hey man,

Bad Influence are currently 8/11 Heroic and are recruiting all classes to progress and move up to Mythic. We have a normal clear every Thursday for trials, alts and whatever and Heroic progression on Sundays and Tuesdays. 20:00-23:00.

If this meets your criteria please add me on bnet and we can chat more.

Hi there We are Dem Hippos Be Fine! Formerly known as Chemistry. A guild founded by a group of friends. A lot of us have been raiding since Vanilla/BC. Our current goal is to build a core raiding group for BFA and we already cleared heroic antorus and are now looking to push into mythic.

you can add me Sloth#21572 or at https://demhippobefine.enjin.com/
While it would be more ideal to know what class/role you play, we are currently recruiting.
Here is a link to our recruitment post :)

Hello Fellow player,

<Final Spark> Is a 4 month year old Guild who just cleared Heroic, we're currently recruiting Ranged dps and healers to fill in our last spots for Mythic.

We are recruiting a tank and RDPS right now!
Tanks : Prot warrior, Blood DK, BM Monk, Veng DH, Guardian Druid
Rdps : MM or BM Hunter, Warlock, Shadow Priest, Ele Shaman, Boomkin Druid, Frost Mage.

Levelers and Socials also welcome!


<Final Spark>

Is a newly formed guild by some mythic and heroic raiders. Our goal is to setup a Core raiding team for BFA and that will be pushing for mythic eventually. Which we now have reached!

Guild INFO

Raiding Days:

Saturdays and Sundays from 19:00-22:30(Draenor Server Time)
We are clearing Normal/Alt Runs on Saturday during the day from 14:00-16:00 But this isn't a mandatory raid, just for people with alts that would like to join in.

Voice chat:



What we want from you:
- Being able to pre-prepare for all upcoming fights.
- Patience whilst we establish the guild and core raiding team.
- Please download the RCLootCouncil Addon, AngryAssignments and bigwigs/Dbm after your choice.

Loot distribution :

Our Guild leaders and Officers from the Loot Council for the loot.

Contact us:

Guild Discord: https://discord.gg/hgMvbFr
My Discord : Tiny#9053
My Battlenet : Zoeëy#2826

Thank you for your time.
- Sorabi - is mature guild since cataclysm on Tarren Mill-EU.We are always looking for new dedicated players to improve our team. Progress is 3/11M so far.

We are in looking for all kind of DPS and healers(monk, pala). All applications will be considered, because for good players there will be always spot in raid. We need geared ppl who is ready to go with us on progress. Socials are always welcome. We are also preparing for BfA to start raiding as soon as possible.

Main raids are Friday and Tuesday, from 19:00h-22:00h CET. Wednesday is raid for ppl who still need gear from heroic, and alts.

Guild exist since cawtaclysm. Our members are mature and experienced players from previous expansions.If you are relaxed and you loves joking you will get easy in our team.

Guild rules:

About loot, we are using ML or Personal, depends on bosses, if its ML we are using RCLootCouncil.

We expect from you to attend more than 90% of raids, but if you have some big reasons it will not be any problem.

Addons required for raids:
BigWigs/DBM, RCLootCouncil and Angry Assignments

You always need to be prepared for raids, gems,enchs,flasks,potions and runes.

If you want to join us and you think we are guild for you, you can talk with any officers for joining us.


serda#2502 - Droghtaran

Let me know if you didnt find guild alrdy so we can talk

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