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About us:
Endgame Prolific was formed on Alliance Ravencrest-EU towards the end of the Legion expansion by a group of returning players who have been playing at the highest end of progression in the past. The goal for the guild is to be able maximize our two day raiding schedule while keeping a high level of progression and competitive edge. As we head into Battle for Azeroth we are building our roster for the mythic content we intend to clear.

As of now, we know that this current tier has lost its competitive edge, and we do not aim to pander to our members by going through mythic content for the sake of patting ourselves on the back. Instead, we are well and truly aiming for a blitz of this new context.

So if your sights are set towards blazing through the next expansion with a schedule that offers flexibility in terms of raiding days, this might be the place for you.

Why join Endgame Prolific?
If you are someone who has reached mythic progression, but has struggled to complete tier progress. Then we have the ambition and understanding to achieve that.

If you have been at the cutting edge of progression before, but have had time off for an expansion or two. We value the skills that made you reach such progression and know that this period is the right time to relearn and achieve those heights once more.

If you wish to be part of a new and promising project and establish yourself as an essential member, this is the time and place.

Raid days & times:
Wednesday & Monday: 19.30-23.00
(at the moment we raid between 21.00-23.00 prior to BfA)

What we expect from you?
A player who has a thorough understanding of his/her class/spec(s), and is able to analyse logs without being asked to.
Someone who does strive for min/max and wants to top the charts and has that hunger
A person who wants to be part of the clan and not solely in it for his/her gain.
A player who is as adept at taking praise as he/she is taking criticism.
Goes without saying but, a punctual and professional player who will attend almost all our raids.
A player who understands the basic addon requirements for raiding.

What you can expect from us?
Raid leaders that have in depth knowledge of encounters at first pull.
Tactical knowledge of and execution to achieve maximum efficiency out of our raiding hours.
A guild with real metal and a solid foundation in its administrators, ensuring it runs like clockwork.

What are we recruiting?
We have almost completed our mythic raiding roster but welcome anyone with exceptional skill in any position. Also, socials and casuals looking to join are always welcome

Interested in applying?
Contact Mixolydian, Yvonne, Diadochian
Please visit us on https://endgameprolific.com/ or apply directly https://goo.gl/forms/CcrgqsBYh22RuFm23
and you can reach us also on Mixo#21568 Turiel#2999 CollieDoc#2634
and you're welcome hop on to our discord: https://discord.gg/vQQMHQA
Still looking to improve our roster in all roles, mostly dps and healers.
Currently looking for one more tank, a few more dps, and healers (preferrably not a holy priest)
We have been filling out several of our roles so far, some priority classes/specs required still. Please see original post.
how many spots do you currently have in your roster? potentially a few players looking to move as a group to a 2-day guild looking for full clears before next tier. 1-2 healers, rest DPS with a couple that can tank if needed, most of us have multiple 970+ toons and can switch around as much as needed :D
We have almost completed our mythic roster, we are 1-2 ranged dps short.

Also have a high priority for a resto shaman.
An update: currently we are clearing Antorus 11/11HC on a weekly basis to build our roster around the new classes/players we have recruited. We will continue to do so up until BfA.

Currently, we are looking for exceptional players in dps and healing positions mainly.

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