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Looking for Players – PvE
Hi I'm Keatu

Started playing in WotLK and was in a 10 man progression guild being realm 3rd to kill LK 10 hc.
Left before the Pandas came and now came back at the start of this expansion.
Been looking to find a good group of players that do mythic raiding. I'm with a good guild now but we dont do mythic due to never finding the right people and I'm fed up of the HC clear and then an alt run.

my current wow progress only shows the current realm stats but i will link, last month I have swapped to Destruction and loving it while still being respectable dps. (only got the 75th trait last week for Destro)


So I'm looking for a guild with no drama's, fair loot system, and good people to get on with.

Prefer a guild that doesn't start raiding till 20:30 or later.



Btag keatu#2881
Kings Of Blood are a dedicated raiding guild. We are on Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem EU servers. We are looking for a healer, some dps and possibly a tank for our raiding team. We are a dedicated social/raiding guild. 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 6/10M NH and 4/9M ToS. Raiding from 20:30-23:00 ST Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
We are currently 5/11 Mythic but we need some more solid and stable players that doesn't mind us joking around and kill bosses while we are having fun :)

The guild was made 5 years ago. Our GM and his friend started this guild, and now we got a lot of people and we are like a family :) We focus on the social aspect of the game, but we are serious when it comes to raiding. We like to have a lot of fun in the raids, and also likes to have a lot of fun in the guild chat and on TS3 aswell :) We do have a bit twisted sence of humor :). We also have a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXleyl7NJjQEDQaFQ9V33VQ for our kills :) and you can see if you like how we are as a guild :)

Our earlier progression:
DS 7/8 HC
SoO 10/14 HC (Before mythic came)
HFC 13/13 Mythic.

Add me or our GM on b-tag for more information: Gamidron#2894, Critzlerss21#2885

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