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Looking for Players – PvE
Hello, I'm 935 Warrior lf a friendly raiding guild/group on Outland but willing to change realms and class for the guild if needed.Also want to do content in BFA as well and not only Legion content.
Hey Shipton

i would like to have a chat about ur post and our recruitment at this moment. To give you a glimps at what you could expect;

we raid 2 progress runs a week; wednesday and sunday 8-10:30 pm. We're 11/11 HC Antorus and we might have a go at the first mythic bosses just before BFA goes live. That's not a strict goal though as we're preparing for BFA and filling our raid roster at the moment.

we have 1 fun raid every week; friday 8-10:30 pm

We're a bunch of gamer friends with jobs and families, so we do know about IRL to :) Ingame we seek to secure the fine balance between progress and having fun. We're not hardcore! We're all about having a good time.

Let's have a chat soon!



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