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Greetings everyone!

As the title suggests I am not writing this post merely for myself, but for two other people whom I usually tag along with. This little group consists of a Restoration shaman, a retribution paladin and a mistweaver monk/restoration druid.

Our shaman is currently sitting on 964 itemlevel, our MW on 971 and his druid is on 958.

Here are links to their armory page:
Mistweaver monk:
Restoration druid:

They also have a few logs up in case you are interested in that one, both from my friends and from myself.

Now the reason why I left my own character as last because I am not strictly playing retribution. My main spec was protection until I swapped over to retribution to help out my friend's guild. All three specs of mine are up to date, and eventhough I had little opportunities to practice holy I do not mind using it and learning its nuances if the guild I join is more in need of a holy paladin. Currently my itemlevel for my specs are the following: 966(ret,) 960 overall on prot (I have a number of trinkets I swap depending on the boss) and 964(holy.)

With cross-realm mythic going until BFA hits we figured we make use of this opportunity and try our hands in mythic raiding. Right now we aren't planning to realm transfer, so because two of us are from Argent Dawn a guild who is currently progressing in antorus mythic would be ideal. Both I and Ming have some experience in mythic raiding from Nighthold.

My own and Mingbao's raid times might not be ideal for constant raiding (we have 4 week rotation) so ideally we are in search for a guild who does not mind us missing out on a couple of raid nights. Weekends would be the most ideal time for us to raid, which we can attend 3 times out of the 4 monthly raids. Chi can also only raid between 19:00 and 23:00 server time.

While I know that these are by no means ideal for a serious progression guild, I am still hoping that there are some guilds around who do want to delve into mythic raiding and raid at a schedule that is comfortable for everyone included.
hey guys , i am from HIM ( his infernal majesty ) on bloodscalp horde .

We are currently looking for people to rebuild or raid team for the end of this tier currently 2/11 M ( stopped progress atm due to members leaving ) and to build up a team for BFA .

Variabel attendance is no real issue as long as you can make most over the span of a month .
Raids are wednsday , thursday and mondey from 21.00 till 00.00 ( times may varie a bit )

if this sounds like something you want to explore give me a whisper on Eutophia#2610
Hey there guys !
Didnt see any btag to add you but feel free to add mine so we can have a chat
This is exactly the type of players that we are looking for the community / team we have.
We are currently 7/11 Mythic and we are always looking for more to join the family.
Feel free to also check our guild's post in the forum <F A D E> !
Cheers !

Bad Influence of Argent Dawn are recruiting most classes, we fit around what time you guys are currently available and our current progression sits at 9/11H.

You can find more information here:

If that interests you guys and you wanna chat, feel free to add me:
Bnet: Frik#2881
Discord: Frik#7047


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