hello i can`t search my own posts ...

wow really ? why it cant be fixed ? most of WoW community have proplem with it

where can i shout to make them fix it ???

im giving my souls and all of my knowlege to help a guy, i want to seee if he answered to me or

i dont !@#$ing know just fix this forum you must have option what have you said to other players
I wish it were fixed too.
i want see if player that i was trying to help have firgure this out
whater, but if you have real life job and you back on WoW i want to see
if this player got my help streaight or he neeed more LOL

is it so !@#$ing hard ? this forum is prettty ofc but this forum not work normal
The last posts that show in my list are from january this year. What's more confusing is that the forums for heroes of the storm seem to function just fine with the post history working there, and if anything they use an older version of the forums since you can still downvote there.
hello me neither... o/
01/05/2018 00:20Posted by Healarius
hello me neither... o/

lol yo hello. brofist and im not a gay

just a guys pisssed off that you help someone at first and then you canno find him
yea i am this guy who want to know iff this guy is allright
Ironically the last post showing for me was in a thread called "Slacky Blizzard" which was posted on January 3rd, that's how long the post history has been left broken.
01/05/2018 00:14Posted by Moritz
I wish it were fixed too.

You dont need to search for your posts.
You basically post 24/7 in every thread i read. Just click a random topic and there will be a comment by you.
But seriously do you have a job? a real life? no offense im just curious since your main work seems to be posting all day in a wow forum
Wish this as well, had this post i was updating myself on, then i went to bed, logged back on to see responses and i found nothing, after a while of seraching for the post, i checked browser history where i finally found out the thread had been deleted.

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