Looking for Dutch players or Guild Laughing Skull

Looking for Players – PvE

Nevermind the guild this char is in momentarilly, that is only a way to store bags for alts.

As the topic suggests, I'm looking for Dutch players or a Dutch-English oriënted Guild on the server Laughing Skull.

About myself:
I'm a 24 year old Dutch inhabitant. I've played WoW in the time of vanilla up and till The burning crusade. At the time of WOTLK i've taken a huge gap thanks to other games, school and SWTOR.
Sinds around 1,5 years i've returned to WoW with 2 friends of mine.
Unfortunately they took a break and are awaiting BfA.

That's why i'm now looking for an active social guild who can accept after working hours activity. Preferably a Dutch guild, or Dutch-English Oriënted.

I've got an own Discord server that could be made available as guild server in case there are some of you that want to make a new guild with me.

Hoping to hear from you people



Battletag: NightBlade#22387
Hey man, las je post. Denk dat het moeite waard is onze post over Optimus Pruim te checken


Nederlandstalige casual guild op Bloodhoof. Gezellige bende die ook nog bosses neerhaalt met succes :)

Mijn battletag mocht je interesse hebben:


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