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Looking for Players – PvE
Since my former guild disbanded I am looking for a new home.

Raided on heroic level for the most part of legion but started mythic in Antorus and have 10/11 experience by now.

975 ilvl, usually equipped around 972. 80 traits on both fire and frost artifact (see myself as fire foremost and go frost if bosses require it).

Wouldn't mind joining a guild that has less progress than myself in Antorus, for as long as people have a positive attitude.

Prefer 2 days a week raiding, best case scenario being one of the days during weekends.

Server transfer and faction change would be fine for me.

If this sounds interesting to you leave a comment or hit me up via bnet flare#22568
We're after another mage for Argus progression / BFA - unfortunately we're a 3 night guild, not sure if that's a dealbreaker or not. If you can stretch to 3 nights though then get in touch - I'll drop the rest of our guilds info below as well as contact details.

We're Horde on Arathor-EU and our raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 21:00 server time to 24:00, we also run an optional Sunday raid that usually clears heroic once we're spending the rest on Mythic.

Currently 10/11 Antorus and working on Argus, having got him to around 19%.

We're formed from two 10man guilds that merged at the end of MOP for the 20man content and have been going steady ever since and plan to keep going for many more expansions.

if you're interested you can drop an application at http://www.curseofyears.com or you could try chatting to any officers at

Greetings mate, We are currently 9/11M and do raid only two nights a week, although unfortunately its on Monday and Thursday. If you would like the have a talk please send me a tell Asmodiseus#2870

Here is our recruitment post if you want to read more:
Hi Flare (love the name btw!)

We're looking for another ranged DPS for our weekend raiding guild, Friday Marines. We're 8/11M and we recently moved to Silvermoon.
We raid Fri +Sat at 20:00 (server time).
If we sound like a good fit, you can apply at fridaymarines.guildlaunch.com or contact us on Rogoth01#2220, Eliot#2621.
Hello Flare, we are an 10/11 mythic guild looking for 1 range dps to down Argus Mythic. We raid Wed/sun from 18 to 21 game time. If you are interested /w me at Rivin#2711
Thank all of you for your interest.


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