Returning after 6 years of abscence, LF Guild

Looking for Players – PvE

I've decided to return to WoW after being absent for some 6 years, I used to raid a lot and PvP quite a bit prior to quitting mid Cataclysm with more than a full year of /played

I'm looking for a mature (I'm turning 40 in september...) guild where the priority is a good laugh and socialize, but I would'nt turn down some raiding etc on a more casual basis either.

I'm willing to realm transfer and/or faction transfer and play basically any class and spec for the upcoming expansion, so feel free to contact me should this sound intresting :)
hey there Doktornick ^^ im the guild leader to the guild <The Demons within> on the Magtheridon server ^^ We are a social raiding guild that are currently progressing hc antorus (9/11 hc) before BFA is released ^^

We can provide an active guild and discord chat and the members age range from 20-60ish so we have a wide range of different personalities to give a relaxed and fun guild atmosphere ^^
We run daily mythic+ dungeons, guild achievement runs and other ingame events and we are welcoming all returning players to the game ^^
If interested please add me on :- Nekochi#2301 and we can have a chat ^^
Happy gaming :3
Hi Doktornick,

Welcome back to wow! We have no issue taking returning players quite a few of us have been playing since vanilla onward and have taken the necessary game breaks. May I point you to our recent recruitment post where you'll find more information.


We really look forward to hearing from you my battletag is Merlynosa#2328 if you'd like to chat .

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Hey Dok, You sound like you could be a great fit for our guild. I'm a returning player myself, a bit more on the ahh, seasoned side. We're putting together a group of similar players who are looking to get back in the swing of things but want to do it with a bunch of people you feel you could go down the pub with.
If you fancy a chat to see if we could be what you're looking for drop me a message,

Hello mate, human, wow player, closet geek, lover of goblins and a very good day to you!

Disclaimer! If you are not one of the above, this message may seem automated, fear not my in game goblin hands wrote this message personally...i promise.

I understand that you are on a different server but with cross realm etc, it could work. I think we would be a good fit.

TLDR of Distraction

We are a casual raiding horde guild on Boudlerfist, Currently re-forming after a long break. Most of the leaders carried on raiding into mythic content with other guilds which puts us in good stead for the end of this xpac and going into next.

Our aim is to be a heroic only raid guild, clearing content at a competitive rate and moving onto glory raid chieves when we have it on farm. But honestly the main aim is to build a community worth bragging about. A home away from home as it were!

Raid: We have been raiding for one week. 11/11 Normal and 4/11 heroic.
Experience needed: We would like it if you had at least normal antorus experience but honestly we are willing to help anyone of all levels just as long as it does not impact the whole team!
Age: We're a mature guild, meaning we mainly recruit people age 18+.
Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday
Raid Type: Heroic only every expansion!
Raid time: 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST
Raid Leader: Crafty - (4/11 Mythic Antorus Experience, heroic argus killed over 20 times)
Recruitment: Recruiting all classes and specs at the moment.
Application form:!AdgRG9BJzE
Do you want socials? More than anything!! Hit up the app and join us!
Important Contacts:
Craftyz#2107 - GM
Therion#1510 - Officer
Guild Website:

Have a look at our forum post!
Hi Doktornick,

Firstly welcome back to the game!

<Bad Influence> of Argent Dawn are recruiting a for Antorus, we have a normal run every week and our heroic runs which we're currently 9/11H. Our normal runs sound like they might suit you more then progressing through heroic which is fine by us, we use this raid to let members play what they feel like on the day and have a good laugh. Although if you fancy the Heroic experience we could see how you do in the normal runs first.

There's a few of us with families, some in their 30's and a couple around the 40 mark and then there's the younger lot who we envy!

Raid's are always 20:00-23:00 server time:
Tuesday: Heroic
Thursday: Normal
Sunday: Heroic

If you're interested or would like to know more please contact me on:
bnet: Frik#2811
Discord: Frik#7047

<Gits>(currently:1/11 mythic) 11/11 HC casual heroic raiding guild, looking for DPS and healers, Raid Wednesday and Sunday's 20:00 to 23:00 game time. We also accept social's into the guild. Apply at or whisper any officer for more info. or contact me in discord jaycore#8306
Well met!

<Medium Effort>

About us:

Forming in early 2018, <Medium Effort> is a core group of friends who are all ex-hardcore raiders. All of us achieving consistent server first kills over various expansions from TBC to Cataclysm. But now, as time goes on the days of raiding 6 nights a week are a thing of the past due to family/work commitments. However, our love for the game still exists. As a group we decided to form the guild to give players who cannot commit to fulltime raiding a chance to experience end game content but at a slightly more relaxed pace. So, like us, if you have real life commitments but still want to enjoy raiding with a fun, relaxed but slightly competitive atmosphere then you'll fit right in!

Raid Information and Our Goal:

We aim to build on our small, tight knit roster with players who share the same mentality and predicament as ourselves. We may not be pushing for server firsts but we still expect to clear content at a competitive rate and get AotC for every raid tier. Raid days and times will be finalised closer to the release of BFA but we will be looking to raid 2 nights with an option for a 3rd if there is enough interest. The same applies to the difficulty, we are first and foremost a heroic raiding guild with some emphasis on m+, however depending on our progress we may venture into mythic. We are aware that it takes time to build an active roster and urge those who are considering applying to us to have patience whilst we build towards this but rest assured that we are fully committed to creating a community worth logging into the game for.


If you like what you see here then drop us an application on our website: Any questions just add Zizoo#2500 or Lewk#2208 on or you can contact me via Reddit if you prefer

Keep your feet on the ground!

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