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Currently The DK has a couple of issues, which aren’t all necessarily a problem that needs to be fixed.

Problem 1 (Raid vs Dungeons):
The way Dks mitigate damage as a tank is based on flat number reductions instead of adaptive numbers based on the damage taken. The effect this has that content that barely does damage you become quickly unkillable while content that has way to high damage (relative to your gear level) you are more vulnerable than other tank type of mitigation. There is a similar issue with DH tank in this regards. This model makes them incredible good in 5 mans while quite weak in raids when it comes to tanking. One of the reason DK saw more play in raids in legion was because of how high the numbers and scaling of dks was, on top of very powerful artifact traits added (scaling with haste exponentially more than other tanks as stated in problem 2). This makes them incredible weak at the start of the expansion until they manage to overgear the content. I would suggest some kind of talent that is alot stronger in raids against big damage but makes you weaker against small damage intake.

Problem 2 (Mastery and secondary stats scaling)
One of the main problems with DK tanks is that haste scales so incredibly well for them, It makes you gain so much more runic power and fits so well with your globals with the faster rune regeneration. Currently if your haste is to low you often have many unfilled globals, once it reaches a threshold of around 35% haste you fill in almost all your globals due to the faster regeneration, this makes a huge difference in both dps and survival, as you suddenly have a ton more death strikes to work with than normal. Another issue with secondary stats is mastery. Blood shield mastery is another form of flat scaling that right now purely depends on numbers to be any good, which they are not, which makes mastery by far your worst stat. Something you want to avoid at all costs. I would suggest reworking the mastery so it has some form of % damage mitigation (like for example make after you death strike you mitigate 10% physical damage for 6 seconds). The artifact trait that made you do extra damage and leech while blood shield is up was also interesting, but the problem with blood shield is that it’s up for less than a second, as any hit pretty much removes the entire shield. Crit also feels a bit lackluster as it heavily has diminishing returns with strength for parry, But this issue is also present in bear druids, prot pallies, and warriors. Maybe make mitigation abilities also scale with crit? Like being able to critically heal with death strike?

Problem 3 (Death Strike Mitigation):
Using Death strike is skillful and require good timing to use well, but the downside of using it while there is no damage means that if you want to really focus on making this mitigation model work you need to bank on runic power and essentially wait till any damage comes in. This type of playstyle is not always fun , especially if you have to wait a while. I would make it less punishing on the low spectrum. One solution you had for this problem was the artifact trait souldrinker, which made at least 50% of your mitigation always somewhat useful by increasing your maximum HP based on 50% of your overhealing. This interaction might have been to powerful as it makes your subsequent Death strikes stronger since your base HP was increased. I think an elegant way to reintroduce it is to make it either baseline or a talent and make it absorb damage instead of increasing your maximum HP so it doesn’t feed into itself.

Problem 4 (Self sustain vs impact of healers)
The DK is the least reliant tank on healers, in fact it has barely any synergy with healers at all. Their form of mitigation directly competes with healers, this is partially the case with DH and Prot pally, but they rely more on mitigation than the DK. This models mean that you are either fully self sustained and don’t need any healing or you can not sustain the damage at all and the healer can barely help you to stay alive. Maybe there should be an option to partially transform your form of mitigation to a different type so you give up your self sustain for more % mitigation which make you rely more on the healer,have more synergy, as well as have a better base model for raiding.

Problem 5 (mobility)
In this case I think mobility is fine when death grip actually works and enemies aren’t immune to it, but if they are immune it is very lackluster. I would add a small speed buff when an enemy is immune to your death grip. Something like 40% speed for 3 sec
A lot of what the OP says is correct and very well put.
However, I'd like to add 2 things.
Firstly with regards to Mobility. We need something global and not reliant on an immunity. It's also about keeping up with the rest of the group.

Secondly, Bone Shield. Seems to be losing stacks quicker than before on the beta. I think this needs looking at as to why.
Bone shield generation feels extremely slow without the artifact. It should still have the 2 sec internal CD on falling off.
After listening to Preach (wowtubers) latest video he is claiming that Blood is currently the worst tank in terms of gameplay, after being his favourite in Legion.

Is it that bad? Is it all GCD affected?
10/05/2018 09:33Posted by Hamishmcdebt
After listening to Preach (wowtubers) latest video he is claiming that Blood is currently the worst tank in terms of gameplay, after being his favourite in Legion.

Is it that bad? Is it all GCD affected?

It's mostly the lack of haste and artifact traits. The playstyle is incredibly slow and you constantly have to reapply Boneshield 3 stacks at a time. The fact that DRW and Tombstone are now on the GCD, as two reactive defense-cooldowns, is just the icing on the rotten cake.
I leveled Vengeance and Brewmaster recently and the differences are massive. With those classes there is constantly something to do, while the DK often has huge gaps where you can't do anything except wait for your runes.
The poor scaling on haste + itemization isn't encouraging either. My DK is now at 340 iLevel with quite a few +haste pieces, but it still feels incredibly slow and clunky.
That is so sad to hear, Blood looked so fun in Legion
Blood is fantastic in Legion!

Like I said though. Bone shield stacks are much to slow to apply on beta. It feels more of a grind to apply bone shield than any kind of fun. In Legion you have high haste and artifact perks so that 3-4 stacks at a time is fine. That is no longer the case on beta.

Saying that current bone shield generation wasn't designed around the artifact weapon is hogwash. Bone shield used to be a cooldown before Legion pre-patch. The current iteration of bone shield was designed with the artifact clearly in mind. And without the artifact it fails to function properly.

It's also pretty funny that Blizzard thinks Dancing Rune Weapon is a tank cooldown. In 99% of cases it's used for bone shield application and/or purely dps. xD
Did you see how DK-tanks are non-functional for raiding in BfA, yet last update was yet another talent row shuffle? xD
They also removed Reap Magic and gave it 1:1 to Demon Hunters. You know, just in case they weren't already the #1 tank spec currently on beta or anything...
it's not really motivating to play my dk in BFA if it continues how it is rigth now...

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