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Tarren Mill / Dentarg
Hello everyone!

Major update! Myself and my boosting services are now proudly part of the Gallywix Boosting Community on Discord. Made up boosters from the worlds top 100 guilds, both in PVE and PVP content, coming together to boost people for achievements, mounts, gear runs through raids, and naturally my own products too! We only accept GOLD. Please check out the discord for full price listings. If there's anything on the list you want that's not there, post in the buyee chat, someone will be in touch ASAP!

Also! I now boost Nemesis, Talon's Vengeance - which go towards reaching that prestigious 250,000 Honor Kills achievement and "the Bloodthirsty" title. Book now!


[Fight! Kill! Salute] + [The Last of Us] Achievements

We now boost these achievements! Please contact me ingame or VIA the Gallywix Discord to arrange a date and time for your boosts. The Fight! Kill! Salute! achievement is also crucial to getting the [Warlord of Draenor] Achievements and Title. [The Last of Us] is required to get the title Lord/Lady of War. Please note these achievements MUST be obtained using level 100 character (strictly), with a level 3 garrison + level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum. These requirements are entirely down to the player to know they need.

We also boost [The Bone Collector] needed for the Level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum plan


Nemesis Boost

I am boosting people through the Nemesis Quest lines situated within the Gladiators Sanctum inside of your garrisons. I can boost you to receive the preliminary quest item (E.g. Pandaren Heart) alongside with the 500 required kills in the follow up quest. The start up quest requiring 20 Broken Bones can also be acquired during the boost for no extra charge.

I am selling for Horde players to kill Alliance races for the Warlords of Draenor related achievements and questlines.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not boost the "Fight! Kill! Salute!" portion of the "Warlord of Draenor" achievement - only the seven Nemesis Quests involving the opposite factions races.

Please be in contact regarding prices!

ALL payments are to be made no later than 24 hours prior to your boosting slot!

I am currently selling ALL Alliance races, these include:
Humans ----> Dwarves ----> Night Elves -----> Gnomes -----> Draenei -----> Worgen ----> Pandaren

Add and speak to me in-game if you need multiple races but have chosen the wrong race in line with our kill order - there may be a solution! Or, scroll down to our FAQ. You can also find me in the Gallywix or WoW Market Discord channels!

Also, check out mine and my old friends Nemesis Boosting forum topic from when we played on Tarren Mill in WoD, alongside all the feedback from other players:

I handle ALL bookings using Discord, so if you use that, bonus! There will be many advertisers through the Gallywix Community who also handle bookings. These WILL require a non-negotiable 10% deposit, followed by the remaining balance being paid no later than 24 hours prior to the boost.

Add my battle-tag below for further details - alternatively reply to this thread for any queries. We also have a Discord which is used to post news to Nemesis Buyers. You may use the Discord to show your interest in buying before adding my battletag

Leave the technical business to me. Contact us, set a date, and be on time, and expect swift and professional boosting. With a full group of 5 (so the multiplier is 5, it takes on average 3-10 minutes per race)

Q: What is the Nemesis questlines and achievement?
A: Please see the below links:

These are questlines obtained from your Level 2 Gladiators Sanctum in your Garrison. They require you to collect the heart of a specific race, turn in the quest, to receive a follow up requiring 500 kills to the specific race.

Q: How long does the boost take?
A: For one Nemesis quest, it will take around 3-30 minutes depending on technical issues. We ask for players who are buying all races, or multiple, to set aside around 2 hours AT MINIMUM for us to complete this on time. This can be affected by drop outs, or late comers, or even phasing issues!

Q: I need all races, but I am on a different Nemesis quest than the race you begin with, what can I do?
A: If this is the case, please have an alt leveled, with a Level 2 Gladiators Sanctum, and reach the quest-line to burn an effigy. Please choose it in our kill order. Unfortunately there is no way for a player to dismiss a Nemesis Questline on a character that has already burnt an effigy, so choose carefully! Please speak to us in-game if you have chosen a race not in line with our order - there is always a work around!

Q: I am on a different realm to yourselves, how do I go about paying for this boost?
A: I will have many alts/bank characters to accept the gold from yourself, which will even be at the boosting location for your convenience!


Talon's Vengeance:

Talon's Vengeance Boost:
Please get in touch regarding prices!

Q: What is Talon's Vengeance, how do I unlock it, and obtain reputation?
A: Please see the below link

The Falcosaur world quests have Matriarch monsters that may spawn. When killed and the player has a certain set of food in their inventory, they may befriend a hatchling of that Falcosaur breed. This is where a long questline begins. Again, please refer to the above link as I am only boosting the reputation side of this.

Q: How long does the boost take?
A: The boosting time may vary from player to player depending on how far through the reputation grind they may be. Neutral to Exalted takes around 2-2.5 hours, not including travel times to boosting locations. Once the player reached Honored, the remainder of the boost has the potential to be completed within 10-20 minutes.

Q: When do you boost this?
A: I am very flexible in terms of when I can boost a buyer, however typically there will only be one neutral to exalted boost per day. I can boost several buyers who have reached Honored or higher with the faction

Q: I am on a different realm to yourselves, how do I go about paying for this boost?
A: I will have many alts/bank characters to accept the gold from yourself, however I only accept Horde gold. It is the reponsibility of the buyer to ensure they have the gold available to trade before the boost happens. Should this not be available, the buyers spot will be long and they will need to rebook.

**Update 12.5.2018 - Boost now takes under 2 hours due to developing the method**
rly fast and quick and not expensive, plus u get free bloody coins if u need! :)
Quick and easy boost, money well spent, nemesis 7/7 classes took less than 2.5 hours or so.
Really enjoy being Boosted by Sakaru friendly and proffessional, really fast boost aswell, can 100% recommend!
Nice, fast, funny
great boost in 2 hour
GJ dude
Thanks for all the kind feedback :)
Update: 2 more FULL spots for all races for this friday 18.5.2018.
Add my battletag, join our nemesis boost discord, and book your spot now or for future weeks :)
was rly nice , friendly , fast and professional =)

i would take this service again !
thanks ! =))

**Major update - Due to increasing the efficiency of the boost, the price will be INCREASING from the boost taking place on 1st June**
Still spots for TOMORROW's boost run 25/5/2018 - Whisper me ingame, in battlenet or on discord to book your spot!
Bought the boost for 2 races on 25/5/2018. Cheap price, everything went well. Sakaru is using plenty of characters so the quests are fast and communication worked perfectly.

**UPDATE: Now selling Talon's Vengeance reputation boost. It is down to the buyers to unlock the means to grind this reputation. I sell it for 3000g per kill, or 1.1mill for Neutral ----> Exalted boost. The WHOLE boost takes around 4 hours, with the first 3 hours taking a lot of patience from the buyer. Book your spot in advance due to a lot of interest in this. Join my discord to book your boost!**
I just got boosted for NEMESIS All achievement. Boost was very easy to do and reasonable price! Im really pleased for this boosting. I recommend anyone to take NEMESIS from Sakura's team if you are missing them!
Just bought some honour kills for the Talon's Vengeance rep as I am possibly the laziest person out there and the delivery was fast and super-convenient :)
Update: Now boosting Fight! Kill! Salute!, The Last of Us, and The Bone Collector!
23/06/2018 18:39Posted by Sakaru
Update: Now boosting Fight! Kill! Salute!, The Last of Us, and The Bone Collector!

Paid and scheduled in advance with a few days, literally took 15 seconds. Great bunch, 10/10

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