6/11M Resto shaman 971 ilvl LF Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello everyone :D

I am a resto shaman looking for a decent guild, had a 2 month break and i whant to find an active raiding guild to also continue progressing in BFA.
I am looking for a guild that needs a resto shaman for main rooster.
Add me on bnet for more information if u are interested.

Hi Æradax,

Would you be willing to join the alliance? We're looking for a healer for our raiding team after recently saying goodbye to our resto shammy.
We're a weekend raiding guild, we raid Fri + Sat at 8:00PM.
Our current progress is 8/11M.
If we sound like a good fit, you can apply at fridaymarines.guildlaunch.com or contact us on Rogoth01#2220, Eliot#2621.

Good luck finding a new home!
Hi there,

If you're someone who doesn't mind taking one step back to take two steps forward. We could be a guild that works for you.

We're a newly formed guild with the intention of being a mythic focused raiding guild.

We are currently raiding on a lighter schedule of 2 hrs on Wed+Mon. Normal raid schedule for BfA is: Wed+Mon 19.30-23.00

If interested, you can find more info on:
and https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618711883
battlenet: #protigy2798
discord: https://discord.gg/CC2Nc96
Well met!

<Medium Effort>

About us:

Forming in early 2018, <Medium Effort> is a core group of friends who are all ex-hardcore raiders. All of us achieving consistent server first kills over various expansions from TBC to Cataclysm. But now, as time goes on the days of raiding 6 nights a week are a thing of the past due to family/work commitments. However, our love for the game still exists. As a group we decided to form the guild to give players who cannot commit to fulltime raiding a chance to experience end game content but at a slightly more relaxed pace. So, like us, if you have real life commitments but still want to enjoy raiding with a fun, relaxed but slightly competitive atmosphere then you'll fit right in!

Raid Information and Our Goal:

We aim to build on our small, tight knit roster with players who share the same mentality and predicament as ourselves. We may not be pushing for server firsts but we still expect to clear content at a competitive rate and get AotC for every raid tier. Raid days and times will be finalised closer to the release of BFA but we will be looking to raid 2 nights with an option for a 3rd if there is enough interest. The same applies to the difficulty, we are first and foremost a heroic raiding guild with some emphasis on m+, however depending on our progress we may venture into mythic. We are aware that it takes time to build an active roster and urge those who are considering applying to us to have patience whilst we build towards this but rest assured that we are fully committed to creating a community worth logging into the game for.


If you like what you see here then drop us a line. Any questions just add Zizoo#2500 or Lewk#2208 on battle.net or you can contact me via Reddit if you prefer.

Keep your feet on the ground!

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