Returning Tank LF Guild (A)

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Prot Warrior returning to WoW after an extended break for work / personal reasons looking to get back into the game and learn what has changed and what needs doing.

Looking for social guild while level and run old content currently with end game raiding the long term goal.

If you've got a home for an old tank let me know

Hey M8:) We have a home for you if you want to join us :)
Check us out and chat with us.

[EU] Wildhammer/Thunderhorn – Alliance

<<Dracones Custodia>> Is a 1-year old Guild of like-minded players looking to progress through the content in the game. We are an adult 18+ fun casual Pve and raiding guild. We like to set the focus on the people in the guild. The guild is created for people who want to be social, get the help they need in game and cannot commit every night to every raid. Check out our guild site for more info:

Thank you for taking your time to read this.
I have 11/11M Antorus experience and have cleared all content at the highest difficulty at time of progression, I have just re-joined Thunderhorn after a few years away on another realm, with some other friends we have created a guild called Resurgimus where we plan to rebuild for new expansion BfA, before release we plan to run lots of old raids/dungeons, including Mythic Nighthold to try to gather the mounts for people who don't have before it is dropped to 1% aswell as get the new people used to raid mechanics by running through a 11/11 Heroic Antorus run, feel free to /w me in-game.

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