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Hi everyone,

Recently I played WoW again for the first time in years, and I'd like to give the game a more serious try.
In the past I've played almost exclusively solo, never been part of a serious guild, just some random ones I joined while questing. However, I mostly got bored pretty quickly from running around alone and quit.

Now, I'd like to dive deeper into the game, maybe explore a bit of endgame, and try to find a group to have fun with. Now In Legion, and when it launches BfA.

Most of my characters are on Magtheridon, have 2 lvl 100 characters there, both Alliance. But I'm not opposed to playing Horde or even starting on a new server.

I'm looking for a social, casual guild to try the game some more. Have never set foot in a raid for example, and a lot of stuff is still a mystery for me. I do enjoy questing and pet battles, and just seeing the world and following the story.
Hello, Amaresa,

"The Rising Elites" is a Horde guild on Aszune/Shadowsong servers. We are community focused guild, aiming to provide a relaxed place to enjoy the game no matter the level, class or experience with the game. Our in-game activities include all levels of dungeons (from levelling to Mythic+), old raids for transmogs/acheivements and stuff, alt leveling together and general questing in packs sometimes. We also have active Discord channel and hold social events every now and then.

If interested, you can contact me on BattleTag (Sydona#2150) or Discord (Sydona#9603). If not, good luck finding a new home :).

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day
Hey Amaresa,
I'd love to have a chat with you and see if we might be a good fit for you. I've got plenty of experience with both leveling characters and dealing with end game content, if you'd like to talk some more and get an idea of who we are feel free to add my battlebag: chippy#2888

Hope to talk to you soon
Hey man,

Bad Influence are recruiting a Tank and DPS for Antorus, currently 9/11 Heroic but have weekly normal clears to get you back into the swing of things.

We raid Tue/Thur/Sun 20:00-23:00.

If you're interested or wanna know more please contact me:
Bnet: Frik#2881
Discord: Frik#7047

Hi Ameresa

Welcome back to wow! We have no issue taking returning players quite a few of us have been playing since vanilla onward and have taken the necessary game breaks. You sound as though you would fit in wonderfully with us. May I point you to our recent recruitment post where you'll find more information.


We really look forward to hearing from you my battletag is Merlynosa#2328 if you'd like to chat .

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Hi Ameresa, great to hear from you I got your invite request I have been unable to catch you online if you add my battletag Merlynosa#2328 ill make sure not to miss you when we are both online.



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