<Ascendance> Recruitment <OPEN> (A)

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Hello all, First of all let me thank you for opening this post... Now to the good stuff:

<Ascendance> - A newly formed Guild on the Emerald Dream Server, with ambitions to be one of the TOP raiding guilds during BFA!

The Aim
The guilds plan is to clear HC and Mythic Raiding during BFA and be on of the top contenders in going for Realm 1st's. Aswell as doing Mythic+ Dungeons. While offering a relaxed raiding environment which is fun but at the same time being competitive.

How we are going to achieve this:
It's Simple... We need you! We are looking for exceptional and driven players striving for the same goal! Downing bosses, getting loot.

What about the current expansion?
Well we don't have long to wait for BFA! however in the time up until then, I want to be farming HC Antorus, to allow players to gear up (If needed) and get familiar with the guild raiding together. So once we hit BFA we are comfortable with everyones play style and can function smoothly during a raid.

Raid Schedule:
This may be changed however Currently the raid Schedule will be:

Wednesday - 21:00 till 00:00 (ST)
Friday - 21:00 till 00:00 (ST)

Once BFA is released our raids will increase to 3 Days per week and times may also change.

Up until BFA Recruitment is <OPEN> for all classes! That's right, we want:

<Ranged DPS>

Age Requirement: 21+

Once we find out the state of classes when BFA is released the recruitment will be more selective.


If you wish to know more Contact me in-game or on Battle net - Nex#2307

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