[H] 8/11M - 972 Unholy DK LF raiding team

Looking for Players – PvE

My guild has recently stopped raiding this tier due to a break before BFA.
I am therefore looking for a raid team as i wish to pursue the Cutting Edge achievement. I can raid 2-3 times a week, no later than 23:00 servertime.

I have raided since vanilla, with the exception of MoP and Cataclysm.

My recent raiding experience:
EN 3/7
NH 4/10M
ToS: 6/9M
Antorus: 8/11.
I have also tanked 5/11M Antorus

Hey fella,

would like to chat with you!

Add Lukosta#21996 to discuss more, rather than link my post here!


Hey there ,

Cincinnati Zoo is recruiting a few last members to strengthen our core to finish our progression
Currently sitting @9/11 M with 6% best try on Aggramar .

Add me filipgrk#2704 if you wanna chat .

Thank you .

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