Blood dk tank LF guild

Looking for Players – PvE

I am currently looking for a new guild to raid high end content with. I have experiance in antorus up to 9/11m (aggramar at 5%) Looking to aim higher, and better. I am more than willing to change both faction and server. (although I am sceptical with faction). I do keep frost spec as a viable offspec, but I do not wish to main frost. I am willing to raid either 2 days a week, up to 4.

As alts I got access to a tank/healer monk and a tank dh. However neither are currently properly geared for high end mythic raiding.

Discord: Worldena#8341
Bnet: Haze#2807

Best way to reach me would be via discord, where I can more or less answer any part of the day or night to any questions.

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