Why Frostmane is not connected to any other realm?

I remember this realm was full with life untill WoD, now it seems not that active.
Frostmane is phased together with The Maelstrom / Lightning's Balde / Deathwing realms , these are also low pop realms like what Frostmane became, but they are connected to each other. Don't you think it would be good if Blizzard would put Frostmane together with these realms? If yes please vote up this topic or give positive feedback so we can draw the Game Masters attention. I'm really considering to move my main here since i'm kinda getting sick of all the RP trash talk that goes on Argent Dawn, this realm still got very professional players if it comes to PvP or Raiding like selling mythic antorus boost , rbg boosts etc... What do you think? Please give your opinion in the comments .

Have a nice day dear people ! :-)
The realm was very healthy when they connected the last realms (2014). And since then they haven't done any.
3500 players only now. The 7th most active guild has no raid achievements. DONUT KNOW transferred what was left of the guild to silvermoon, where something like 130k players+ there

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