New czech player is LF Guild

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
I just recently bought this game and got one character boost. I used it on this server, Wildhammer. I heard that druid is recommended for newbies so I choosed him. In boost tab I choosed balance druid, because game alone recommended it.
So far I have problems with quests sometimes on Argus as I often die a lot and If I see another players, they kill fast and survive :-D
So I tried few dungeons and a raid. So far I am suprised how nice gear is there, but I am confused too, because usually people loot it all before I even came close to dead boss. Usually there are only golds and something to empower weapon left. I am quite surprised how this loot works, even in raids! I never saw any roll system like on videos in the past.

Those are my experience from one day.

So here I am and saying to myself, that maybe better would be if I would join some guild. But on messages on Trade City channel or in Dolanaar General I got only one answer, which just corrected my question into terms of wow lore and one answer that he is looking for a guild too.
[EU] Wildhammer/Thunderhorn – Alliance

<<Dracones Custodia>> Is a 1-year old Guild of like-minded players looking to progress through the content in the game. We are an adult 18+ fun casual Pve and raiding guild. We like to set the focus on the people in the guild. The guild is created for people who want to be social, get the help they need in game and cannot commit every night to every raid. Check out our guild site for more info:

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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