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Hey guys!

My friend and I haven't played in sometime but are looking to get back into the game for the rest of this expansion and BFA. We've had mythic HFC experience back in WoD and would really like to get into raiding again.

I'm currently playing a Blood DK and my friend is playing Holy Paladin, would prefer to stay alliance but can realm change and faction change for the right guild!

My Battletag is KaiserJames#2349

If you guys are still looking for a guild, then I maybe able to offer you a home with us at Jynx.

We are an ally guild located on the server Silvermoon, and we are currently looking for more friendly players to join our family feel community for mythic + and raiding.
We are currently 11/11 hc and mainly focusing on farming hc and doing normal alt / social raids for the remainder of this xpac.

We have a lot more information about us on our forum post here;

Or if you would like to contact me directly, please feel free to add me to real id for a chat,

Hiya, I’m the GM of <Circadian Rhythm>, we are a new guild on Tarren Mill (horde) created by a group of friends to achieve a fun raiding environment. Our core members and myself have high-end mythic raiding experience, both in the most recent tiers and going all the way back to vanilla. We’re a very social and fun guild, running regular alt raids, mythic+ daily and other activities outside of WoW.
We are currently just clearing heroic, building a roster for some Mythic raiding preparing for Mythic progression in BFA.
Our raid times are 8pm-11pm (server time), Weds, Thurs & Sun
You can contact me on Zanez#2224 for a chat or for any questions you might have

Stormguard on Argent Dawn are Recruiting to get the raids going again. We are 3/11 M Antorus at the moment and have had a steady pace in clearing mythic content throughout the whole of legion. We raid Wednesday/Thursday/Monday from 20:00 ST to 23:00 ST. has all the info.
<Gits> (current:1/11 mythic) 11/11 HC casual heroic raiding guild, looking for DPS and healers, Raid Wednesday and Sunday's 20:00 to 23:00 game time. We also accept social's into the guild. Apply at or whisper any officer for more info. or poke me on discord jaycore#8306
Hey there,

Revival is a small guild, recently created by a group of raider friends on Grim Batol. We believe in the fine balance between having fun and progress. And with BFA on the way, we are looking for a few more dps (pref with heal / tank offspec) to join our family. We aim to start mythic ATB, but we need those last dps players to fill our roster.

We raid 3 evenings a week:
Progress in ATB HC (11/11) runs on Wednesday and Sunday (22:00 - 22:30)
Fun run in ATB norm on Friday (20:00 - 22:30)

Discord is used to communicate while raiding, getting M+ keys and pvp.

Add me to if you have any questions.



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