Versatile, Experienced player LF BFA Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Returning Player seeking dedicated mythic raiding guild for BFA.

I have experienced all roles (melee,ranged,healer,tank) at cutting edge content.

Currently looking for a solid spot in an established guild for BFA raiding or a mythic+ team.

Willing to trial in Antorus, if given time to gear.

I am willing to play any spec that your guild desires, to a cutting edge level. I would prefer (for personal enjoyment) to play Mage, Mistweaver Monk, Protection/Holy Paladin or Shadow Priest.

I'll keep this short and sweet and you can contact me on: Ben#2843 for more Questions
Hi there,

If you can compromise on 'established' and opt for serious ambition of a fresh project, this might work for you.

We're a newly formed guild based on [A] Ravencrest a heavily populated realm with many competitive guilds.

We have a core of veteran players (raiding competitvely since WotLK) and some returning players and are slowly but surely growing in numbers to reach a full roster for the upcoming expansion.

As we are a new guild, our sights are set on the horizon. We will be raiding on a light schedule until BfA, when we aim to hit the ground running and steamroll through the first tier.
Our goal is simple, a flexible raid schedule with aspiration of clearing mythic content while it is still fresh and competitive

Raid days & times:
We raid 2 days a week Wed + Mon, 19.30-23.00.
We run our discord server which is active and increasingly busy.

You can read a more detailed post on:

for more information please reach us on:
Contact Lusheng, Mixolydian, Yvonne, Volterra
Or hop on to our discord:
And you can reach us on #Mixo#21568 #turiel 2999

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