SP - 10/11M LF weekend guild.

Looking for Players – PvE
Good Morning / Evening.
Pretty self explanatory, i'm looking for a weekend raiding guild which are progressing on a similar level to my own, preferably Argus as he's below 10% currently.
Horde or Ally? - Either is fine, nowadays there's very little in between the two, especially with BFA changes incoming. However to save myself on spending, horde preferably.

Little information about myself and character:
27, British.
Item lvl: 971
10/11M raid experience currently. Not done a lot in legion due to break.

Why weekend raiding?
I find myself picking up more hours between the 2 jobs I do, luckily they are both throughout the week which leaves the weekend entirely for my own leisure. I would like to maintain a high standard of raiding and to see the fullest content.

Ways to contact me?
Please post any battle tag & a brief info regarding your guild in this forum. I will pick this up when I can, i am doing this anonymously due to not having informed the current guild of my position.
bump, lf weekenders guild :D
Hi Zleak,

Subject to viewing logs etc. we would definitely be interested in adding a second shadow priest to our roster. We're progressing on Argus and as I'm sure you know, having more ranged helps a lot, with shadow being particularly strong in the final phase as well.

We're a weekend raiding guild located on Draenor, Horde side. 10/11M and working on Argus for a few weeks now.

For more information on the guild, as well as my contact details, check out our recruitment thread below:


Hope to hear from you soon!


Hey, we're not quite a weekend raiding guild but the bulk of our hours are on the weekend.

We're currently 10/11M with 50% on the best pull on Argus (fairly new to the fight), we raid Saturday 12-15, 1530-18 and Tuesday 1930-24. A shadow priest would be ideal for us for obvious reasons on Argus but we also have a fairly melee heavy roster and generally could use most ranged dps specs.

You can add me at Squarefaced#2787 on bnet, Square#5616 on Discord or our application form is https://goo.gl/forms/w0o18qoJj6dn9ZS93 (<5 mins)

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