[Undead RP] The Hand of Agony : Fractured, but unbound

Argent Dawn
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The Hand of Agony made another successful skirmish against the Alliance. But at what cost? The band of Forsaken had to use chemical warfare tactics in order to destroy their first Alliance outpost in Tirisfal.

Though they have made their plan successful the Alliance now know The Hand are in the area and will strike again.
The band of Forsaken had to use fkn blight

Fixed it for you
18/10/2018 13:11Posted by Krugraa
The band of Forsaken had to use fkn blight

Fixed it for you
Like you would ever understand.
Blight them all boiZ
The Hand of Agony are currently stationed in Silverpine Forest. But something is about to occur. The Forsaken and Alliance are about to clash once again somewhere in the forest. The location is still unknown, but the Forsaken must make a effort of a push to show the northern lands still belong to the Forsaken and her majesty.
Good lads, had a lot of fun this evening clashing against you. Until we face eachother again, best of luck!
24/10/2018 21:52Posted by Dunton
Good lads, had a lot of fun this evening clashing against you. Until we face eachother again, best of luck!
So a random human shows up and then a random orc showed up. Both in traditional World of Warcraft attire, truly this is Battle for Azeroth!
The Hand of Agony is back from the Eastern Kingdoms and are now resting in Orgrimmar. We will be within the Horde capital for a couple of days before being shipped back off to war. If you have any interest in Forsaken military RP don't be afraid to hit us up with a whisper or better yet approach us.
Approaching us is indeed advised rather than whispering us. Unless you intend to bring a calamity llama with you. In which case, miss us with that - it will be turned into a blighted and horrible abomination and will then eat your flowers.

And probably your brain.

I will personally oversee the entire process.
Queens Grasp has been shipped out again landing on Alliance territory...again. However, we didn't land on the Eastern Kingdoms but Kul Tiras. Executor Jorrick Darkblade planned The Hand of Agony to go in as under cover pirates to grab any information they could possibly get their hands on.

Mary-Ann Rotplank posed as a particular pirate who sailed the sea to get certain information while the rest scattered to find out some pirates are packing azerite guns which the Hand of Agony much claim for the Warchief. How do they know this? Luckly they came by a undead prisoner which gave them that information but who knows? Would the Hand of Agony trust this renegade undead pirate prisoner?

Right now Executor Darkblade's men are camped in Tiragarde Sound, away from any other Alliance and town, but their eyes have been set onto an Azerite mine which they will without a doubt take for the Horde.
I'mma getting myself a meat wagon!!! AND NO ONE SHALL STOP ME!
Nothing more but action and fighting happening for The Hand of Agony. Forsaken Vs. Kul'Tirans Vs. Pirates. Not a bad name for a start of a movie.

So the group of Forsaken move in to try capture a Captain to gather more information, with that being said they were unsuccessful as the Captain was guild. Only information they got was on her personal belongings.

Even with that did didn't stop there as the Hand were chased through the area and found a Horde camp that will make do for now.

If you are a Forsaken, heck if you are a Kul'Tiran forsaken that has been raised by the grace of the queen come seek us out.
Reminder that those who don't have the meat wagon mount will be used as ammo for it
08/11/2018 10:09Posted by Nitely
Reminder that those who don't have the meat wagon mount will be used as ammo for it
That will be used in our new poster idea.
But meat wagons are a scourge thing.... :thinking:
08/11/2018 10:32Posted by Sorgal
But meat wagons are a scourge thing.... :thinking:

Just going back to our roots (those who were raised before Cata anyways)
08/11/2018 10:13Posted by Marlight
08/11/2018 10:09Posted by Nitely
Reminder that those who don't have the meat wagon mount will be used as ammo for it
That will be used in our new poster idea.

"Even in True Death, you can still serve the Banshee Queen."
With some strategic planning and thinking, The Hand of Agony was able to get their hands on azerite plans from the Kul'tiran humans. Easily distracted by the Deathguards, Spell-weavers and the apothecaries the Deathstalkers made their way into the human mining settlement during the commotion and grab the plans under the humans watchful eyes.

Though taking the plans was not enough for The Queens Grasp. The show that the Horde is here and are willing to go through extreme lengths to disturb the humans word. The Hand of Agony set fire to as many buildings as possible also distracting the rest of the guards in the process.

Once they made it to a safe distance to a Horde owned camp they have been given orders to move to Drustvar.


You'll find some of the screenshots of the recent events in the link.
The plans for the azerite where finally in the grasp of the Forsaken military band. They took a heavy hit tryin to get that azerite plans the Kul’tiran humans were going to use. But luckily that won’t be the case.

The Hand of Agony made their way to Plunder Harbor, seeking shelter for now before they move to Drustvar. Sena wanted to seek Kimran to explain why she had the change of heart on saving those children back at the mine. It would be complicated and no less than embarrassing as Marlight hasn’t revealed a big part her past life to just about anyone. But seems Kimran was busy helping others.

Lady Marlight has pride and tries to keep it intact, going as far as trying to tend to her own little wounds she would call it. Moving into a small cramped cave in Plunder Harbor. Sitting herself down next to a fire she removed her top part of her armor leaving only The Queens Grasp surcoat on. She inspected the damage.

“Hm, not as bad as I thought.”

She pulled an empty cauldron towards her as she began to pick out any lose shrapnel from her arms and shoulders. The reinforced leather behind her armor did the trick and the shrapnel didn’t make it any further to her chest. But her arms and shoulders didn’t exactly make it through the impact.

“I were still alive, this would have probably killed me six times over. Suppose being undead still has its perks.”

Any bits of shrapnel she was able to remove she threw it into the cauldron settled next to her. Her thoughts went back a bit as she was tending to her wounds, it wasn’t her who wanted to go back and help those children. It was something else; her own good will voice in her head telling her not to leave like that.

“I think my credibility is on the line?” Sena laughed to herself in a low tone."

Finishing tending to her wounds she dressed back into her attire, suiting up and preparing to head back out when The Hand of Agony are ready and most likely will forget to speak to Kimran.
The Hand's lingering around Glennbrook farmstead, an old farm in the Drustvar forest. Having found the place mysteriously abandoned the regiment moved in and made themselves at home. Only to stumble upon the witch Annais and her wicker monstrosities.

Having handled her mininions the group learned that Annais escaped and is still lurking nearby. One thing is for certain the Hand seems prepared to show her that there is only one Dark lady the Hand'll answer to.

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