Outlaw Blade Rush vs. Killing Spree

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I tried the Outlaw on the beta servers and I'am a bit confused when i take a look at "Blade Rush" and "Killing Spree".

Blade Rush, dash for 20yd, deals dmg, cleave dmg und generate Energy.
Killing Spree, deals dmg. That's it.

I wouldn't mind when KS does a fair amount more dmg than BR, but they are an the same level.
So, why should i use KS when i can get the same dmg output AND utility on top with BR?
In the tooltip from KS is the dmg number double from what it really is. That would solve the issue for me.
Please.... i want to enjoy my Killing Spree again :/
Killing Spree generates ~45 energy aswell, maybe more with mastery procs.
Now I have just logged on to test this and Killing Spree does way more dps than Blade Rush especially based on single target, now it is possible that Blade Rush may be able to compete with Killing Spree over a longer period of time or you might want to use it for the added mobility but I think its good as it makes you have a choice and also Killing Spree will still be the one you pick for single target fights.

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