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For all EU Brewmasters out there, I've been following a similar thread over on the US forums and was wondering what thoughts people this side of the pond were having. It is a very constructive and thoughtful thread with some great ideas which hopefully might receive some recognition from the devs.
I'm also reading that thread and agree with a lot of points mentioned. I additionally follow the peak of serenity discord discussions, and the view of Brewmasters isn't that good.

My main three concerns with Brewmasters are Sustain, Ironskin/Purifying brew and Utility&Cooldowns at the moment.

- Sustain as mentioned is pretty bad for the Brewmaster, but this is kind of ok, since we have the best damage smoothing out there. Gift of the ox and expel harm feel weak, since the orbs are generated too slow AND don't heal enough. The main problem with our sustain is Mythic+ since it's so reliant on Tank-Self sustain and utility, which monk lacks significantly. Another aspect is that out-gearing content doesn't feel that great compared to other classes, since our damage mitigation doesn't scale very well. In BfA stagger will scale with agility, but stagger doesn't mitigate damage at all, it just delays it. Soloing as Brew (Questing) requires Healing Elixir und sometimes it feels very awkward, because you're dying very slowly to mobs, since your stagger depletes so fast and is so low, that purifying feels underwhelming.
=> I would like to see a fusion of expel harm and vivify which could be used for a low self sustain by spamming Energy. For example expel harm heals you additionaly for x% of Attack Power and uses up to 50 Energy to increase the amount healed by y%. This should be numerical tuned, that it's worth to use in outgeared content or while questing, while in Raids it would be too costly to waste your energy and reduce your brew generation.

- Ironskin and purifying brew sharing the same charges is good, but since you need ironskinbrew so it's worth purifying, it kind of doesn't offer much of a choice. Keep Ironskin up and purify if you have enough brews. In my opinion Purifying brew should be used more regulary, especially in lower dungeons while Ironskin brew should be used for tankbuster abilities.
-> I would like to see ISB reworked to a short duration CD that is used against Tankbusters while purifying brew is used more often during trash and solo play. Maybe an increase in Base Stagger, a minmal purify amount (always 20% of max stagger) and a dmg% reduction or stagger Pause to IsB could to the trick.

- Utility is a big reason why brewmasters aren't that succesful in Mythic+ next to their sustain. While leg sweep and paralysis are fine, we lack a significant utility cooldown like a dispel, speed boost, pull (like death grip) or heal. We do have superior movement though, which makes up for some of it. Addionally we lack some additional cooldown, since Zen Meditation breaks too easy.
-> I would like to see some kind of niche utilty for the brewmaster. One (funny) way would be that Brew can only detox/purge himself, but transfer all active Posions and Diseases onto his target[s](i leave it up to your imagination how this might work ;) ). This wouldn't be THAT broken, since all major Boss Debuffs have been changed to Magic.
-> Another abilty which would fit the lore and add a nice group CD would be a brewmaster sharing a keg with his friends, rather than with his enemies. I'm thinking like: "Kegfest 3min Cd - Throw a bursting keg into the air, showering all allies 30yd's around the Brewmaster in Brew. Purifies 100% of the Brewmaster's staggered amount and heals for [X% ofPurified Amount] divided evenly among players.
=> This would be a great DEF CD tackling the self-sustain AND lacking useful group CD. While alone this is a great Selfheal and in Mythic+ it's a nice Cooldown during heavy AoE phases.

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