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Looking for Players – PvE
hey all,

i am a new player (eurpe) to wow (dreanor-38tauren warrior) and looking to join a supportive guild that can support me allong the way leveling/questing.
im new to wow not to "gaming". used to play on console but always feeling im missing out stuff on pc .

wow is kinda going to its end, however i always loved this game i never really got into it. but its a "my generation" game , so thats why i must have played this game .

my requests
-mature (25+ prefered not a must)

my offers
-since i only have 1 char atm, i can start a new char on the desire server

also tips/hints are apreciated

thanks in advance
Add me on battlenet man it would be cool to talk to you i'm alliance though so a new character would be sweet

Hi Brauwnie,

Excess is looking for players to join the roster and it sounds like you fit in perfectly! We are horde on Tarren Mill.

One of our core foundations is respecting the IRL stuff of our members such as work, school or family related activities.
In terms of content we're doing everything from leveling to raiding every Sunday from 19:00 - 22:00 server time. Eventually we'll have 2-3 days a week clearing normal and HC Antorus. This will of course stretch into BfA once it launches.
Furthermore the social and heartwarming aspect of the game is important to us so if you're looking for mature guild and a place to call home then this is the spot!

Hopefully we can catch you on bnet for a chat (Bootscut#2630 or Azimba#2354) or on our discord channel at https://discord.gg/dDkmFKS

Have a nice day!
Hi Brauwnie,

Our guild recently started a reroll project so we're basicly all lvling atm. We got a couple of new players amongst our ranks who we are helping along the way, you are certainly welcome to join us for that!

Age-wise, we are all around 30yo, so you can say we are a pretty mature guild I guess ^^

Most of us have also been playing this game for severel years, we've done the hardcore part but are now more casual. This means tons of experience we can share with new players though, so we're definitally a supportive guild.

For more infor, feel free to take a look at our guildvid:

If you'd like to have chat, feel free to add my Btag: xarial#2863.

Kind regards,

Hey there. We're in the process of forming <Blue Moonkin>, which may be what you're looking for :) Its an Alliance guild though.

Check out https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17619942127.

My tag is FunkyMonk#214219 :)
What are your goals playing WoW right now? Do you wanna get into raiding? PvP? or just hang around and do some casual/social stuff. I'd love to have a talk with you. My contact stuff is on my guild post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17619932060

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