Rate the transmog above you - part 14

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The old thread reached the post limit, so I decided to make a new one.
So rate the poster's mog above you on scale of 1-10! :)
06/06/2018 15:12Posted by Tinkiloo
The old thread reached the post limit, so I decided to make a new one.
So rate the poster's mog above you on scale of 1-10! :)

9/10 for looking like an upset, evil, baby warlock xD
All silliness aside, it looks great and all colours match. great sniping!
I really like the red theme of your set, but I think you could get a better matching weapon and shoulders would be nice!


I like the "battle hunter" theme and the weapon fits really well.

Would have been a 9 if the tabard matched the shoulders in someway continuing the blue/metal theme.
Really nicely done! Top points for originality - 10/10
9/10 - Looks unique.
9/10 I like that alot
5/10, looks a bit bland imo.
9/10, looks really cool, like a demonic belf general. Although I think the glaives of Azzinoth are a bit off in the set.
10/10, you're a faceless warden of the pandaren with an intimidating look. Really cool!

You look like some badass bossvillain from a game outside of WoWs aesthetics, I love it. Panzertank AF but my only objection would be a bigger weapon in the same style and a darker shield!


As for my mog I'm kinda proud since it's not an entire set C:

Reminds me of the starter DK look.
You're using all pieces of a single set that not only is easy to get (the Stormwind set from the Dwarven Bunker) but also that comes with a tabard that is obtained the same way.

Can't rate it high, it's pretty much unoriginal and the only thing that isn't "part of the set" is the weapon.

Very much goblin 9/10 i do not like goggles.
Its a nice, sleek and simple set - i like it a lot. However, i find the weapon skins to be "too big" for your frame - and in addition to the armor being "just a set", i'll have to give it a:


These links are me btw (no bogus), its just that armory does not include my totems:

https://imgur.com/F1PirHO (Tank)
https://imgur.com/vflXwam (Fury)
cant say i hate it but
it does match to less to say i like it so its a 6/10

now onto me the pirate queen xd
calling yourself pirate queen and using a katana, for shame, 6/10
10/10 pretty neat looking, I like it
Not very colorful 5/10
Bloodfang set sees so much use it's hard to rank it high tbh, 7/10, 2 points because the daggers are shiny.
I'm level 70 so I get special treatment right? D:

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