Rate the transmog above you - part 14

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16/10/2018 11:52Posted by Ájmage
Looks generic to me and the belt is kinda off if you ask me.


Gloves, head and sword doesnt fit. 5/10
9/10 always loved that set, but I dont like thoose fist weapons.
8/10, mostly a full set but it all matches really nice!
In your case a full set that doesnt match, neither the class nor the race
You can do better
9/10 for a pirate mog
Nice hunter mog. The bow is too simple for my taste :) 9/10
Looks quite nice, reminds me of marvel universe, dont know why tho. 9/10, would be 10, but i dont like your pants choice.
Thats how a monk should look! 9/10

I like the theme, the fist weapon just looks out of place, and maybe the shoulder. Besides from that it looks great.
The upper half looks really gucci, yet imo both pants and boots dont really fit the rest.
Tbh i think your boots and gloves are too bulky for BE female but thats just me maybe.


Im sexy and i know it ;)

No....just NO.

Best wishes,
So you are a banker with tentacles on your head. Nice. I like it, looks smart. 10/10.
I like everything except boots :) 9/10
You look like a bride gone mad at her wedding. Nice mog! 10/10
6/10, the fist weapons could be better and don’t like those pants. But other than that it looks pretty cool
6.5/10 Everything mostly fits together, but I think you'd be better either going all in on the shoulders and making a really out there set, or going with something more muted. Still pretty good mix of pieces.
I dont know about the weapons. But i really like the shoulders and kilt/belt.
i really like it! fits the halloween theme =P
i somehow dislike the Axe. I think there are better fitting options.

I really like the look. Seems like an adventurer ready to go explore a dungeon or mine-shaft.

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