Rate the transmog above you - part 14

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24/10/2018 12:04Posted by Dinoza

A bit too flashy, but I like it.


I see the theme you looking for but the staff (great looking one though), doesnt match the set ..at all, unfortunately
interesting . colors look great :D
Looks quite plain and npc-ish, sorry.
That's a nice Wrath death knight set. Could have used the original shoulders also. 8/10
I find it's hard to get a good panda set, but i think you've done a fine job. It's clean and simple. I like that :)
Colours match but mostly a full set of armour. With the weapons has a thematic farstrider outlawd warrior look. 6/10
Not bad at all. Everything match smoothly and you really looks like an shaman. Well done! *pat*
you could join the squad teaming up in the black temple (the npcs, not the raiders, if you know what i mean)
nice Mog! seeing covered skin on a bloodelf is not so usual =)
8/10, change the sword to a not glowy one and i'll give it a 10/10 ;)
8/10. You have the "lolz" factor indeed, your transmog made me laugh :D
I'd smack that belly button and spread it all over my face. 9/10
Please don't come near me, in game or in real life.

So many colors i'm confused.. but as a whole it kinda works. 8/10
9/10, nice but the weapon could be better. I like the shoulders with that robe.
Felhunter looks good 9/10
change your hair maybe to something greenish...???

Don't mind my offhand it is the same as mh ingame
I didn't like it. It is not a thing for me. Its just too simple i know it is a rogue but you look like a level 10 rather then 120 It is just there is none glory. And weapons doesn't match with the hole set. They not even match with themselves. 2/10
5/10 - Not fond of the cloth sets in general although gloves shoulders and headset are superb! While the set colors blend well together I do not think it is the best choice to put your skin tone and eyes to advantage.

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