Rate the transmog above you - part 14

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Interesting tmog. Very solid looking and fits a fury ork warrior. Don’t think the weapons go particularly well. I don’t think the tabard is necessary. 6/10
Belt and gloves don´t fit perfectly to the rest, but highlight the troll. Looks quite wintry.

8.5/10. The pants don't really fit with the rest. Love the chest tho.
8/10, everything looks pretty good but the bow doesnt match. Something green/brown and it would look awesome
8/10 Very nice set, love the dragon rider stuff from island drops amazing pieces and you fit them in well with the rest for the whole fel green theme. Only reason not higher score is I find the green doesn’t go well with the void elf colours. However that’s just personal taste the set is great put together.
1/10 scuffed NPC
Looks sick af, maybe change the one hand to a darker skull?

Love the Wolf/Fur mix you've got going. Really works well 8.5/10
The theme is nice, but there needs to be more allosterism between the colours.
You look too simple. But i guess thats the thing you are trying to do. If it is you did well
But if that wasn't the point
4/10 for this regular VE transmog. And this staff does not match at all.
Doesnt make sense to me


did somebody say jinrokh the great apocalypse
Not bad, a bit flashy, but not bad. I'll give you 9/10, for using mostly just a set, but it still looks nice.
It's pretty good and different from most rogue mogs, but I don't like the weapons and the hood. 8/10

Not my taste but it feels (edit, typo) simple yet sophisticated along with a tiny touch of fabulous thanks to the shoulders and moon-on-forehead
10/10 sick job. Look like ingame main arc char
9/10 I really like it, looks like a true shaman and looks amazing on an Orc, the only thing that bothers me and thats why its not a 10 are the weapons, they just dont fit I get what you tried, frost shock shamans etc. But I would check for better ones if I were you ^
10/10, Love it, there's so much fel in you, very fitting for a warlock.
10/10 it´s like a common pandaren monk with stone fists :D I like it.

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