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Hey guys
A few weeks ago i reactivated my account after a 1 yr hiatus. Since then i have cleared heroic antorus on a weekly basis with pugs. I rather do this with an organized group instead of playing pug roulette and therefore i am looking for a relaxed casual heroic only guild with 1-2 raid days but hopefully clearing heroic within 2-3 hours. I am not afraid of mythic content but only want to do it if its „easy“, like doing the first 1-3 bosses of a tier. my monk has 958 eq (ww), i also have a havoc dh with 960 eq ilvl. Raiding days are flexible, 7.30-10.30 pm would be ideal!
I have played wow since 2007 (on/off) and have long history of raiding, also in a progress and cutting edge manner, but i am a family man now and have a busy professional life so progress raiding doesnt fit my life style anymore...
I play quite a lot given my circumstances and also open for regular m+ 15-20, twink raids and so on...

Feel free to add me: squ4re#2361
Heyyyy u sound perfect for my guild gits.enjin.com
We are hc guild dat always gets aotc but we aim for a bit more in bfa want to touch abit mythic too lile we did test now allready and get as many bosses down as possible in 2 raid days contact me on discord or apply on gits.enjin.com jaycore#8306 would be discord cu jay
Which realm are you guys in ? I’m a 24 years old dude I’m also looking for a HC only guild I also have mythic raiding experience . But I don’t Wanna stress out and enjoy the content till heroics , as well As I have a very high mythic + experience ( was rank 30) in legion . I’m thinking of a realm transfer too if At all you guys are interested please reply .

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